adaptogenic lattes

4 Adaptogenic Lattes to Tame Your Adrenals and Keep You Warm this Season

Tiny LED lights create an intricate glowing maze within the branches of the trees that line the city’s streets. Attire has shifted from flowing floral […]

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holiday recipes

3 Holiday Recipes to Feed Every Eater at Your Table: Paleo, Vegan, and Gluten Free

The holiday season is the most difficult time of the year to be on a diet. The world is full...

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mindfulness ritual

A Mindfulness Ritual for the Holidays

With a gift list as long as a CVS receipt and old family feuds finding their way to the surface,...

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minimalist guide to gift giving

A Minimalist Guide to Gift Giving During the Holidays

Somehow, the winter holiday time in the United States has become more about buying things than the simple pleasure of...

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diy recipes for dry skin

Prevent Dry Skin: 5 DIY Skin Care Recipes to Get You Through Winter

We don’t mean to be dramatic, but winter can kind of wreck your skin. For people with combination skin, the...

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Ashwagandha Root: An Amazing Adaptogen for Stamina and Stress-Reduction

With Ayurveda being one of the oldest medicine systems in the world, it’s to no surprise that Ayurvedic herbs are...

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DIY Chai

DIY Chai Tea with Tonic Herbs

When I was in college, I worked at a startup tea house for extra spending money. It was really hard...

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