illuminating pearl mask

Introducing the Illuminating Pearl Mask, Your New Favorite Skin Care Ritual

We. Love. Masks. We simply can’t stress it enough. Aside from having amazing benefits for your skin, we love how masking forces you to slow […]

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what is a humectant

What is a Humectant? (And Which Natural Ones to Look for in Anti-Aging Products)

The first time I heard the term “humectant,” an expert in the skin care industry told me it was an...

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california banning animal testing

California Becomes First State to Ban Animal Testing

California is the first and only state to ban animal testing in beauty products, taking a progressive stance against the...

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facial massage

The 5 Minute DIY Facial Massage for Bouncy, Rejuvenated Skin

As you read this you are most likely activating one of your 43 facial muscles without consciously meaning to. Each...

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What’s the Deal with Drinking Activated Charcoal?

While it might seem like a hip, trendy, LA fad, activated charcoal is not new health trend. Its use has...

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oil pulling

Oil Pulling—Does it Live Up to the Hype?

Is it just us, or does it seem like oil pulling is the talk of the town, lately? It appears...

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bad skin habits

9 Habits to Break Now if You Want Amazing Skin

Today, we’re here to divulge some of our skin tips that might just help you achieve your best skin ever....

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