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Check Your Sunscreen Label For These 7 Ingredients

With the weather warming up, we’re all eager to spend more time outdoors. Though it’s best to use sunscreen year round (hopefully you’ve been doing that!), these sunny months make... Read More

The Potential Dangers of Nanoparticles in Food and Cosmetics

If you stand out in a windstorm and blowing dust passes over your skin, you’re not likely to get hurt. Open your eyes, however, and some of the small particles... Read More

5 Perfume Ingredients that Can Affect Your Hormones

If you’ve ever squeezed onto public transportation on a hot day, you can attest to the importance of smelling good. It’s something our culture is pretty devoted to, in fact.... Read More

Are Your Cosmetics FDA Approved?

We’re obviously dedicated to bringing you cosmetic products that are safe and effective but we also strive to offer reliable information about the health and cosmetic industries. This month’s question... Read More

How Much Does Our Skin Actually Absorb?

We are a growing company and have recently made big leaps and lots of changes to become compliant with Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) requirements for cosmetic labeling. If you... Read More
Sodium Lauryl Glucoside Carboxylate

These 2 Ingredients Might Be in Your Soap (And Only One of Them is Safe)

The world of skin care can be confusing, can’t it? We try to be careful about what we put on our skin. We purchase products from reputable companies. We read... Read More
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