Ingredient Watch List

Ingredient Watch List: Oxybenzone, the Chemical Sunscreen with Potential Health Hazards

Most people want to protect their skin these days, not only from aging, but from the risk of skin cancer. We’ve seen a large increase in the use of sunscreen…

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Ingredient Watch List: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, the Sudsy Skin Irritant

You’ve probably heard about this ingredient—sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). There’s been a lot of media coverage on it lately, especially in the world of natural and organic skin care. So…

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3 Dangerous Ingredients Found in Common Deodorants

Today, we’re making a pit stop. Where, you ask? Your underarms. There are some things we put on every day, like underwear. Deodorant is another. I mean, how can you…

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Ingredient Watch List: Dimethicone, the Smoothing Silicone That Exacerbates Acne

You can hardly pick up a skin care, makeup, or hair care product these days without reading “dimethicone” on the ingredient list. Why are so many products suddenly using it,…

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Carrageenan in Skin Care

Should You Worry About Carrageenan in Your Skin Care?

You may have heard that carrageenan as a food additive isn’t safe. And then you look at the ingredient list of some skin care products, and there it is. So…

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3 Harmful Ingredients that Might Be in Your Nail Polish

You know that chemicals in regular nail polish can’t be good for you. Your nose tells you every time you walk into a salon, or open up a bottle at…

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