Essential Oils

Your Medicine Cabinet’s Secret Weapon: Five Benefits of Oregano Essential Oil

Plants, like humans (and pretty much every other living thing) are under constant attack from infection and they produce essential oils to defend themselves from bacteria, modulate immune function, and…

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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Frankincense Essential Oil

You may know it as one of the main ingredients in incense, but there is a lot more to frankincense essential oil than its fresh scent. Sourced from the Boswellia…

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Natural Bug Repellent

DIY Essential Oil Bug Spray

Contributed by our friend Paul Turner with It is so important for all of us to use natural products as much as we can. When products absorb into our…

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Essential oil myths

Smells Suspicious: 5 Aromatherapy Myths and the Truths You Should Know

Contributed by our friend Heather with Aromatique With all information floating around the internet, you have to be careful with what you believe – and when it comes to “facts” about…

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Why Your Holly, Gezellig Holiday Starts with a Dutch Word (plus a DIY essential oil blend)

This article is literally about those warm fuzzies that only your favorite friendships coupled with the warmth of a comfortable environment can produce, so I’ll tell you something a little…

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5 Essential Oils to Help Unwind at the End of the Day

This post is contributed by our friend Monica with Essential Oil Experts Taking time to schedule relaxation is an important part in our increasingly busy society. Between work, family and…

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