Skin Care Tips

facial massage

The 5 Minute DIY Facial Massage for Bouncy, Rejuvenated Skin

As you read this you are most likely activating one of your 43 facial muscles without consciously meaning to. Each of these unconscious, as well as all the conscious expressions...

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bad skin habits

9 Habits to Break Now if You Want Amazing Skin

Today, we’re here to divulge some of our skin tips that might just help you achieve your best skin ever. It’s not so much a to-do list, but more of...

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collagen and elastin

What’s the Difference Between Collagen and Elastin?

We hear these two words all the time when we’re talking about skin care: collagen and elastin. We know they have something to do with how our skin appears. But...

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Benefits of Dry Brushing

Why I Started Dry Brushing My Face (And Why You Should Too)

To the novice, dry brushing can seem like some sort of sick joke—coarse bristles on your already dry and delicate winter skin. I don’t blame you for steering clear. But...

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hand sanitizer

7 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Hand Sanitizers

It wasn’t that long ago that we didn’t have hand sanitizer. Instead, every time our hands got dirty, we headed for the nearest sink. If there wasn’t one around—well, a...

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Make Your Own Masks: 5 DIY Anti-Aging Skin Care Recipes

All you have to do is browse a few birthday cards before it becomes really apparent: people have an aversion to getting older. We’re all for age-acquired wisdom and a...

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What's Your Skin Score Image

what’s your skin score?

Our skin is affected by many factors, including our environment, health, the food we eat, and more. Get your free personalized results and find out your skin score!