Organic Skin Care Ingredients

Rosemary for Skin

Rosemary for Skin: Rejuvenate and Balance your Natural Oils

You may wonder why a light blue flower like this is called “rosemary.” Turns out that the name has nothing to do with Mary or roses. Rosemary got its name…

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Witch Hazel for Skin: Minimize the Appearance of Pores

We love recommending witch hazel for skin. This witchy plant certainly works it’s magic: it has numerous health benefits, and is great for soothing. One of the most popular uses…

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Kaolin, What it is and How You Can Benefit from this Versatile Ingredient

White clay, Kaolinite, China clay, French Green clay—this ingredient has such a long history of use in so many different industries that it has a whole slew of common names….

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Vetiver for Skin: Fade the Appearance of Dark Spots

The next time you walk through a field of grass, look a little more closely. Though they may seem common plants, some species of grass have a number of gifts…

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Tremella Mushroom Ingredient Spotlight

For thousands of years, medicinal mushrooms have been used for a myriad of health benefits both internally and externally. In fact, mushrooms are considered superfoods because they are abundantly rich…

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Nettle Leaves: Protect and Mineralize Your Skin

Sometimes nettles are considered weeds, because they grow so easily and plentifully, but these little plants actually contain a powerhouse of benefits, both when used internally and when applied topically…

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