Magdalena Wszelaki

5 Superfoods that Help Balance Your Hormones (Plus, 2 Recipes)

When it comes to balancing hormones, our friend Magdalena has a unique approach, but one that makes total sense. She uses natural foods with hormone balancing properties. Her wealth of... Read More
Hormone Balancing Breakfast

How to Rebalance Your Hormones With Breakfast — 2 Delicious Recipes

Today's article comes from Magdalena Wszelaki, who works to help women rebalance their hormones through simple, wholesome foods. A while back, we published her article on the seed rotation diet. Since... Read More

The Seed Rotation Diet: How to Regulate Your Menstrual Cycle with Food

Not often do we read about food helping hormonal imbalances. In fact, when we hear the word “hormonal problems”, we are conditioned to think of solutions going no further than... Read More
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what’s your skin score?

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