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winter skin

10 Tips to Prepare and Care for Winter Skin

Winter is on its way, and let’s face it—it’s not good for your skin. Harsh winds, cold temperatures, and dry air tend to zap skin of its natural oils, leaving...

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combination skin

Combination Skin: What It Is, How to Cope, and the Best Products for You

If you have combination skin, then you know what the term “T-zone” means. In fact, you may sometimes feel like your skin has a split personality—oily with large pores on...

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dry skin

Dry Skin: What It Is, How to Cope, and the Best Products for You

“I’ve been dealing with dry skin my whole life and I hate it,” writes a member of our community. “It gets itchy and flaky and looks nasty. I’m ready to...

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Recipe for bone broth

5 Ingredients You Should Be Adding to Your Bone Broth

Today’s article comes from Frank Giglio, a chef whose cooking experience is deeply connected to the earth. He ties in herbalism and wild food foraging into his cooking to create dishes that...

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sweat-proof makeup

Sweat-Proof Your Makeup: 10 Tips to Keep You Looking Fresh

Does your makeup fade away with your perspiration in the middle of the day? Do you find yourself wanting to take an extra shirt to work to change into after...

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turmeric skin benefits

Turmeric: 4 Ways This Golden Root is Great For Your Skin

Can you dry up oily skin, help minimize the appearance of dark spots, slow the appearance of aging, and protect your inner sun goddess, all with one natural ingredient? If...

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what’s your skin score?

Our skin is affected by many factors, including our environment, health, the food we eat, and more. Get your free personalized results and find out your skin score!