Abby Jean

DIY: How to Do an At-Home Facial

Getting a professional facial is a delicacy. There’s nothing like being pampered in a cozy treatment room bed—the steam, the thorough pore cleaning, and we can’t forget the facial massage!…

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Tremella Mushroom Ingredient Spotlight

For thousands of years, medicinal mushrooms have been used for a myriad of health benefits both internally and externally. In fact, mushrooms are considered superfoods because they are abundantly rich…

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Introducing: Probiotic Serum with Tremella

What does it mean to have sensitive skin? This “condition” is so prevalent in the world of skin care, that it’s even considered a skin “type”. Basically, sensitive skin is…

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Astaxanthin Ingredient Spotlight

In the buzzing realm of wellness, antioxidants are praised for their powerful, age-defying effects on the skin and body. We hear the term “antioxidant” in abundance these days, knowing that…

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Wild Fruit Serum

Wild Fruit Serum – Brightening Facial Complex

Introducing your new go-to serum: Wild Fruit Serum — Brightening Facial Complex. What started as a vision to create a luxury product for the Annmarie line, something that would deliver…

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3 Dangerous Ingredients Found in Common Deodorants

Today, we’re making a pit stop. Where, you ask? Your underarms. There are some things we put on every day, like underwear. Deodorant is another. I mean, how can you…

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