3 Multipurpose Ways to Use Your Mineral Foundation


Contributed by our friend, Militza Maury, Founder of Little Green Dot

So you’ve read all the articles about amazing “12-step” skincare routines that the celebrities swear by. But when it comes to your own skincare, it’s a good day if you get all of your makeup off before bed.

The good news is — most of the time — our skin really just wants us to stop doing so much!

On average, your skincare routine exposes you to 168 different chemicals, every single day. Many of these chemicals are skin irritants that cause the very problems we end up buying skincare products to “fix.” It starts to feel like running in circles.

So how do we give our skin what it needs to thrive?

Three words… “Less, but better.”

Decluttering your skincare and focusing on fewer, multi-purpose essentials can remove the chemicals from your routine and produce a beautiful glow all day long.

Naturally Versatile

If you’re a fan of natural beauty, you know how versatile simple, natural ingredients can be.

Coconut oil is a top favorite of mine, whether it’s for your hair, in your smoothie, or on your skin.

And a homemade balm? Well, it’s good for everything—chapped lips, dry skin, bumps and scrapes, sunburn… the list is endless.

But can makeup be a natural multi-tasker too?

Enter Minerals Multi-Purpose Foundation

I’d been looking for a good, clean foundation (hard to find!) and I knew Annmarie Skin Care from my research into natural beauty trends.

I’d never used mineral powders before, so I thought, “let me just try…”

Oh my goodness.

It was instant love. Not only do the minerals look really beautiful on my skin, but I think this one product has changed and improved my skin. I’ve noticed that as I switched from everyday makeup to using this mineral powder foundation, I’ve needed less and less coverage.

And that’s because of the way it’s designed to be used.

It’s a loose powder that you mix with your own serum, oils or lotions—basically turning your skincare into makeup.

About Mineral Powder Foundation

Mineral powder is a loose pigment, made of pulverized minerals from the earth. Not all powders are created equally, some brands may add fillers or additives, fragrances, etc.

This formulation has only four minerals, that’s it:  zinc oxide, titanium oxide, mica and iron oxides.

The mineral makeup brand, Minerals by Annmarie are non-nano—it doesn’t penetrate your skin and it goes on powdery soft. I’ve noticed that the color diffuses over your skin, it looks completely natural.

True story: the very first time I wore this mineral foundation, I dropped off my daughters at school—and I got three compliments in a row!

It has such a beautiful effect on your skin and you can adjust the coverage to light or full, depending on how much product you use.

How I Use My Minerals Multi-Purpose Foundation

Most days, I sprinkle a little mineral powder into a few drops of my serum. Which I make myself!  I’m doing rice bran oil with Rose Geranium and Frankincense essential oil. No big deal 🙂

And this is what I love about mineral powders. You can use it with an oil or serum that your skin already loves–and make your own all-natural makeup!

To use Minerals by Annmarie, I use the back of my hand, a drop or two of serum, sprinkle in the minerals, blend with my fingers and it turns into a liquid foundation that goes on smoothly over my skin.

Three more way to use this Foundation

1—Tinted Mineral Sunscreen

This is great for days where you’re going out and you want to keep things simple (a bike run, active day outdoors…)

What I’ll do is sprinkle a little mineral powder into a nickel-sized dollop of sunscreen – creating a tinted sunscreen. It’s really low fuss, but you get that bit of coverage.

I’ll blend it and then massage it onto my face and neck.

Don’t forget the tops of your hands, which often get neglected and show the effects of the sun!

2—Tinted Lotion

I love using this for a little coverage on my body.

Sometimes I like to sprinkle a little mineral powder into lotion and massage it onto my legs to get an airbrushed effect.  And depending on how much mineral powder you use, you can actually get a full coverage, so if you get a little bruise or a breakout, it’s a great way to cover that up.

3. Under-Eye Concealer

Recently I discovered that using lip balm with my mineral powder creates a rich, creamy concealer that is perfect for under eyes and covering up spots.

I’ll swipe the lip balm onto the top of my hand and then sprinkle a little mineral powder over it. Blend it and them dab it onto my under eyes. It’s really good!!

Why I’m loving it so much–and I think you will too

The number one reason is that it’s improving my skin.

The minerals are neutral—they don’t interfere with your skin. It’s what you add them to, that will make it good for your skin.

If you’re adding the mineral powder to nourishing, all-natural skincare—you’re going to get amazing makeup that always works well for your skin!

And even if you change to a new skincare product–maybe in the winter you start using richer creams on your face—you can still continue using your Minerals Multi-Purpose Foundation powder with it. I love that it really is multi-purpose that way.

So make sure to check out Minerals by Annmarie.

It’s been AMAZING for my skin – and I hope this article inspires you to get creative with this multi-tasking wonder.

Have you discovered more ways to use our Natural Mineral Makeup? Let us know in the comments below.

About the Author

Militza Maury is the green living expert behind Little Green Dot. Frustrated by the chemicals found hiding in conventional skincare, Militza began to make her own simple, safe & effective natural products. Now she has started the Fresh Start Challenge to help everyone create their own safe and gentle natural skincare for glowing skin.

The Fresh Start Challenge is a free 5-day email course that will help you break bad skincare habits and create a simple 3-step daily skincare routine from scratch, with 100% all-natural ingredients. Sign up for free here.

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