Watch the 7 Ways the Annmarie Team Uses Minerals Multi-Purpose Foundation


We know that you know about our Minerals Foundation already, but did you know that it can be used for every part of your makeup routine? Rather than making just a basic natural foundation, we wanted to make a product that was versatile enough to use in several different ways.

The shades of Minerals Natural Foundation actually makes a beautiful nude palette that you can use for a whole slew of different makeup applications. We wanted to show you all of your options so we made a set of videos for you to get an idea of how to do a full set of makeup.

Around the Eyes

Do you work with an under eye concealer before your apply your foundation? Here’s how to use our Minerals as your under eye concealer before you apply your full face.

Apply it as a Dry Powder

Carly explains how to use it as a dry powder, just put a little on your hand, spread it evenly onto your powder brush and apply in a circular motion, blending until you have it just right.

Use it as a Liquid Foundation

Our friend Pandora love this as a liquid foundation! We didn’t cut out her application process at all so you can see that she applies a full face in under two minutes. It’s awesome to watch how smoothly the foundation goes on and brightens up her look.

Minerals Contouring

Yep, we have all the colors you need to make the perfect contour. Check out Lauryn’s skills with the color palette and all that blending!

Tint your Cheeks and Lips

We know it seems like a shades of brown might be a strange option to choose for a lip or cheek color, but look how beautifully it complements Rachel’s skin! It’s quick and easy to do and it’s all just one product!

Finish Off with the Eyes

The colors make really beautiful eyeshadow too. Even though this is a very basic eye shadow video it’s easy to see how it’s possible to play around with all of these shades to make anything from a simple color shown here to a much more intricate nude smoky eye.

Introducing Our CEO

Kevin even shared a few of his favorite looks with us (ever wonder what it's like to work here?)!

While we have our full size Minerals Foundation for the larger applications like full face foundation and contouring, we also offer the Minerals Sample Kit that comes with every color we have. They seem really small but as you can see in the videos, a little bit goes a long way when you’re just using bit of color for around your eyes or as a lip tint. They last for quite some time and because they’re pure minerals it doesn't need replacing in a short period of time if you don’t use it all up.

Have you discovered a new way to use our Minerals? Let us know below!


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  1. Katie says

    Oh no! I totally cherish my earth minerals and save up all year to purchase a new bottle! I cringed at Kevin’s waste thinking how many days’ worth I could have gotten out of his mixture! I LOVE mine! Great tips! I never thought of using on my lips and cheeks or as eye shadow. THOSE videos were helpful 😉

  2. Tev B says

    Wonderful tutorials with ways of using the minerals I never thought of. Love the versatility. One suggestion. It would be helpful to me to see one side “done” and one not on the models faces. Thanks.

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