3 Natural Swaps You Can Use to Replace Your Conventional Skin Care Products


This article is contributed by Militza Maury of Little Green Dot

There’s a dirty secret that conventional skin care manufacturers don’t want you to learn. You can get the same effectiveness of many popular skincare products with ingredients taken straight from your kitchen pantry.

It’s true – all of the benefits and none of the nasties, just pure natural ingredients.

So if you want to break bad skincare habits and learn the secrets to effortless, effective natural skincare, start with these 3 natural swaps for your conventional skincare products.

How Many Products Do You Put on Your Skin Every Day?

As soon as the day begins, we go into the bathroom and apply a collection of skincare products on our faces: first a cleanser, then a toner, serum, moisturizer… and that’s just to get our face ready for dozens of makeup products.

It’s tiring and excessive. The stats on women’s skincare habits are staggering:

  • The average American woman will apply 16 skincare and cosmetic products on their face each day.
  • The average daily “cost” of a woman’s face is $8 per day. To put that in perspective, that’s the same as 1 month of Netflix or 2 tall lattes at Starbucks.

This expensive routine takes a toll on our skin health: by using conventional products, women apply an average of 168 chemicals on their face every day, and some of those are either known carcinogens and endocrine disruptors, or they haven’t even been tested for safety.

It’s no wonder our skin feels dull and tired! We are saturating it with harmful and abrasive products.

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