The Best Foundation For Oily Skin: Minerals Multi-Purpose Foundation

Best make foundation for extremely oily skin

When we were creating our Minerals by Annmarie Multi-Purpose Foundation we wanted to make sure to keep every skin type in mind. We asked, “what is the best foundation for oily skin?” and “how can we make one makeup that works for oily skin while still being the best foundation for other skin types?”

We think we have figured out the perfect solution to natural makeup for oily skin.

What Does Oily Skin Look Like?

If you're oily you probably know it, but just in case you’re not sure, this is how we think about it.

The oil slick. A couple of hours after you wash your face, your skin is downright dewy. Your forehead is shiny and your cheeks are tacky to the touch.

Activity increases that shine. You feel sticky, not sweaty, after working out and you have to wash your face right away.

You need to exfoliate regularly. Sometimes skin that’s actually oily can seem dry if there’s too much buildup and the extra sebum gets trapped.

You’re blemish prone. Excess oils can trap and hold gunk that can cause build up and create impurities in the blemish prone skin.

Are you nodding your head right now? Congratulations, you probably have oily skin. You might be working with some impurities now, but you’ll be grateful when you start to show wrinkles much later than your dry skinned friends.

How to Find a Natural Foundation for Oily Skin

If you’re experiencing oily skin it can be really difficult to find the perfect beauty routine, let alone the best foundation. It seems like it either cakes on or slides off. Oil based makeups can make you look even shinier but the wrong kind of powder can highlight large pores or worse, get stuck in them. Here are a few general guidelines to search for in an organic makeup for oily skin.

Light consistency. A heavy foundation, even one made for oiliest of us, can look unnatural and cakey. It can puddle on the skin and wreak havoc with your flawless finish.

Matte finish. Oily skinned people live a life of shine. You don’t want to add to it so finding a foundation that stays matte is crucial for flawless coverage.

Non-clogging. For some people this means oil-free and for others, it means checking out the ingredient list for things that you know might cause a blemish if the natural oils hold onto it for too long.

Targeted ingredients. Look for ingredients that aren’t going to make you oilier over time like natural minerals, hydrators, and herbal infusions that are targeted towards cleansing and balancing.

Enough coverage. This is the real challenge, right? How to get the full coverage you need without having a foundation that’s too heavy.

Minerals Multi-Purpose Foundation

Remember how I said that we wanted to create a product that works for all skin types? Well, we did it! The Minerals by Annmarie Multi-Purpose Foundation is a versatile organic mineral makeup that comes in 8 different shades and makes a beautiful nude palette. It’s fine enough to be mixed with your moisturizer and goes on smooth enough to be used as dry.

For oily skin, we like to suggest using the Mineral Foundation as a dry powder! You can watch a video of Carly brushing it on for full coverage here, but there are a couple of great ways to use it as a dry powder rather than a liquid foundation.

After your moisturizer. It might seem counter-intuitive but a lot of people with oily skin do really well with a moisturizer. We suggest working with a moisturizer that helps balance out oiliness over time like our Herbal Facial Oil for Oily Skin. Apply your regular moisturizer and then brush the Minerals on over top!

After a serum. If you find that you're just fine without a moisturizer, it’s still good to use a hydrating product because adding more water to your skin will help it be able to absorb your oils better and the consistency of a good serum is perfect for helping you achieve the coverage you’re looking for with our Minerals Multi-Purpose Foundation.

Try a setting powder. For people with oily skin that can be difficult to maintain throughout the day, a setting powder helps to reduce the shine and help foundation last longer.

Do you have oily skin? Let us know how you use our Minerals below!

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