The Best Foundation for Dry Skin: Minerals Multi-Purpose Foundation

Best Foundation for Dry Skin

Oh, the flaking and the cracks, the redness, and the fine lines. Dry skin leaves us with a lot of reasons to use foundation. Unfortunately, it can be a challenge to find a makeup that covers without caking or sitting on top of the skin like a sign that says, “hey look at me, I’m hiding my imperfections.”

We wanted to change that, so we went on a mission to create the best mineral makeup foundation for dry skin.

What is Dry Skin

In reality, dry skin is just a lack of naturally produced sebum. There are a lot of causes for it, and unfortunately, age is one of the most common because we slow down as we get older. Dryness comes with its own special set of issues so people experiencing it rarely think they’re experiencing anything else. Here are the types of things that dry skin sufferers might see.

Dull, rough, or “ashy” complexion. It seems like no matter what, it looks like it's dry.

Occasional red patches. A function of not having enough oil is not having the natural protector that keeps skin safe from outside forces.

Fine lines and wrinkles that are more visible. Pulling to mind the Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz, we get a little rusty around the joints if we don’t stay well-oiled. In our skin, that shows up as fine lines and wrinkles.

Typically feels tight, especially after cleansing. What oils dry skin sufferers do create is often washed away with cleansing and that leaves the skin feeling tight and parched.

Flaking. This one is no joke. Skin builds itself in layers and dry skin sufferers don’t have the sebum or the nutrients to reach the outermost layers of the skin so it just flakes away.

What to Look for in a Natural Foundation for Dry Skin

Dry skinned folks are brave to take on the foundation challenge. When things go wrong it can be a flakey, puddly mess but when it’s right, it’s absolutely flawless. Here are some general guidelines for choosing a foundation for dry skin.

Blends well. Many people with dry skin have a hard time absorbing oils, you want a foundation that blends into the skin well instead of just sitting on top.

Doesn’t pool in fine lines and wrinkles. We want to even out those creases, not exacerbate them.

Keeps it moisturized. Powder and chemically made foundations can be drying to the skin, for someone experiencing dry skin, an oil-based natural makeup often works best.

Minerals by Annmarie Multi-Purpose Foundation

This may shock you, we’re still recovering ourselves, but Minerals by Annmarie Multi-Purpose Foundation is as great for dry skin as it is for oily skin. Yes, it’s true. It’s all in the way you use it! We have a video about how to make a liquid foundation with our minerals but here are few good ways to use it with dry skin:

With your moisturizer. The Multi-Purpose Foundation was made to be versatile enough to form a liquid foundation with any moisturizer. Just add a couple of taps of the Minerals to your regular moisturizer and mix it in to get the same moisture from your daily routine along with a bit of coverage.

Liquid foundation on top of your skin care routine. Some people find that just mixing it in with their regular beauty routine leaves their skin feeling a bit dry. If this is you, try adding a step here by completing your skin care routine and then mixing your Minerals by Annmarie Foundation with a bit more facial oil and layering that on top. This will give you a beautiful dewy finish.

With your sun protection. If you’re using a daily sun protection product, like our Sun Love, you could add your makeup to your sun protection layer. We’ve found that for dry skinned folks, the Sun Love makes an awesome moisturizing sun protection product and because it’s creamy and already a bit tinted, it’s the perfect consistency to add Minerals to.

Do you have dry skin? How to do use the Minerals by Annmarie Multi-Purpose Foundation?

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