Three Things We’re Thankful For


At Annmarie Skin Care, we try to have a continuous focus on the things we are grateful for. On Mondays we have a meeting—10am sharp—just to share what we are all thankful for each week. It’s a really sweet start to a week and it reminds us all of our connection with each other and our community.

Our weekly thankfuls change among the team, but as a company the things we’re thankful for this year has stayed pretty consistent. We’re excited to share with you.

Annmarie Skin Care Top Three Thankfuls

1—The Growth of Organic Awareness Across the Industry

One of the foundational principles of Annmarie Skin Care is education. We talk about organic health and beauty on our blog everyday and we’re thrilled to see a rise in awareness and conversation both within our community and in mainstream media.

We’re creating an ever-growing green community of our own by consistently partnering with companies that support being eco-friendly, chemical-free, and socially conscious business practices by showcasing them on our We Heart, sharing their content with you through email, and joining their communities.

Even bigger than within our own community is the shift in the industry itself. Consumers of skin care are really putting their dollars where their hearts are and they’re supporting organic skin care more and more everyday. People are looking at their ingredient lists more than ever and demanding to know what goes into the products they’re using.

There are bills about personal safety and ingredient labeling being pushed through in Washington DC, and a huge effort to call our companies that are greenwashing.

2—Our Consistent Focus on Internal Growth and Education at ASC

Our team is top-notch, and so are our managers. The focus on educating you with our blog doesn’t stop there, we’re encouraged to take classes, go to seminars, and spend active time at work learning how to hone our skills in our positions.

We also have regular meetings that speak to our team environment and how we can continue to improve and implement structures that make us more efficient and closer. We’ve had face readers (surprisingly accurate), communication experts, systems specialists, and personal coaches talk in our team culture and

Further, we’re thankful for each other. The team is a close-knit group—we celebrate each other, support each other in new endeavors and through struggles, personal and professional.

3—Our New and Loyal Customers

We’re grateful for you.

Maybe this seems cliche or something we have to say in this article, but believe me—it isn’t. We think about you guys every step we take. If you walk through our marketing office you’ll hear things like, “Would Nancy enjoy that?” and “What about Kim’s experience?” and (our favorite) “AW! I love this thing that Linda is doing today.”

We have a slack channel just for our customer happiness team to input awesome emails they receive or share stories about positive interactions and there isn’t a week that goes by that one of you catches a mistake or two and lets us know so we can fix it—a broken link, a typo in an article or email, or even something strange happening on our website!

We love that we can trust our community to support us and that we can provide safe, effective products along with health education.

And, of course, we wouldn’t be able to do the work we feel passionate about with the team that we love if it wasn’t for you. It’s true, and we’re not going to let the opportunity pass us by to let you know. So thank you for helping us make an incredible product line, for supporting us, and for being as vigilant as you are about the products you put on your skin. You’re the best.

What are you thankful for this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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