Your Top 6 Winter Travel Adventures


Here we are wondering about you again. It always happens like this: We get together as a team, we're chatting about something, we wonder about you guys, and then we ask you questions via email. About once a month we post a few of your responses on our blog in an article like this one.

So we were out at our quarterly team dinner—where we shared a bit of wine and a fantastic lasagna along with our appetizers and laughs—and then we got to talking about the adventures we're going on this winter. It seems like everyone is off somewhere, Egypt, Puerto Rico, Iceland, LA, the East Coast, the Midwest, down South, and everyone is buzzing with excitement…

But it's a major travel time for everyone in our community, and we're always looking for story sharing and fresh adventures to learn from so we were pretty excited to hear about your travel adventures this winter season.

Your Top 6 Winter Adventures

Margaret B. from Denver, CO

I will be traveling to Key West, Florida for a 50 years of friendship celebration with my BFF (since I was 6 and she was 5 and we lived next door to one another) and other friends of 40, 30, 20, and 10 years. Our group last got together in 2002 for a girls’ trip to London to celebrate all of our 40th birthdays!

Linda M. from Terre Hill, PA

We are taking our RV and driving through PA, MD, VA, NC, SC, GA, FL, AL, MS, LA, TX, NM, AZ. I may have left something out but this is the gist of our trip. We plan to winter in Mesa, AZ.
I love the travel kits because they travel so well in a small space like an RV and I have what I need to take care of my complexion.

Sue S. from Puposky, MN

Northern Minnesota where the snow sparkles on the ground and on the trees and there is a beautiful peace and quiet.

Susan P. from Mystic, CT

Favorite Winter Destination?… Why, Disney World of course!!

Deborah R. from Ponce, Puerto Rico

Where seasonal festivities, winter wonderland, a roaring fire and hot chocolate is served—I crave this almost every winter.  Living on a sailboat in the Caribbean seems to always bring about those feelings this time of year.  We get our cold fix traveling North with a visit to family in Pennsylvania and then on to NYC for all the festivities.  This year will be the first visit to Philadelphia for their winter festivities too.  Having come through Hurricane Maria this year has given me renewed look at how I walk through life, and how I see all people.  It's going to be a wonderful season.

Carolyn B. from Kingston, NY

I am traveling to Vieques, PR to visit my daughter Kate and her boyfriend Dean for Christmas. My plan is to help their neighbors in any way I can including raising $1,425+ to buy solar lanterns, natural bug repellent, and VISA cards so they can buy what they need and boost the local economy. I'm excited to see my daughter's community and to reach out to others.

Want to share your own winter travel story? Post in the comments below!

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