5 Documentaries to Add to Your “To-Watch” List


When the fall time rolls around we love to grab a cup of tea, curl up, and watch a good movie. Recently around the office, we've been talking about some of our favorite types of movies—scary thrillers like the new Mother movie, cult classics like the Never Ending Story, and Documentaries like Room 237—came up.

All of the sudden the office devolves into an in-depth conversation about which movies we should all be watching and which ones we shouldn't. For us, even in all of our laughter and side-tracked moments, it always comes back to you. What do you think we should watch?

So we sent an email asking for your favorite documentaries! (We ask our community questions almost weekly for chances to win products from our line, you can sign up for these emails at the bottom of the page.) We got hundreds of amazing responses but here are the ones we're really excited about:

1—Ancient Aliens

Robin from Texas emailed about this oldie but goodie and we just had to tip our hats to the series because for more than a couple of us, this was our foray into the docu-world. With 12 Seasons under their belts, Ancient Aliens is both entertaining and there is so much of it, you can binge watch for days without concern… and yes, it's available on Hulu.

2—Hungry for a Change

Kaylee from Arkansas sent us Hungry for a Change, which was created by our good friends over at Food Matters. This documentary from James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch is focused on the diet industry and keeping people in the “diet trap” so they never have a chance to lose the weight they want and keep it off. Definitely ASC recommended!

3—Poverty Inc.

The first words of the trailer say, “The reason there will be no change is because people who stand to lose from change have all of the power and the people who stand to gain from change have none of the power.” This documentary is all about the foreign aid industry. We think of it as a disaster relief…until it becomes the permanent solution for countries that can't rally their own local economies because of the free structure that long-term aid offers. Marialexandra from Florida was inspired to suggest this documentary to us and we're excited to share it forward to you.

4—Waiting for Superman

Our community is nothing shy amazing. Carla from Texas wanted us to watch a documentary about education in the US. Waiting for Superman is about No Child Left Behind and the larger public education system. It follows a few kids through their school journey while offering up inspiring stories of awesome teachers and how they're turning the education around in their communities. And for those of you that prefer reading to the screen, there is a book on the same subject matter that calls for reform and offers solutions to problems that see otherwise insurmountable.


Alexis from Arizona gave us an awesome docu-series based on a book of the same name. This series focuses on food through the lens of the four elements—fire, earth, water, air—and offers some really interesting ways to look at the evolution of food and the ability that it has to connect us while we nourish ourselves.

Do you have a favorite documentary or one you think we should watch? Let us know in the comments below!

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