Inc. Says Annmarie Skin Care is One of the Best Places to Work


Our blogs and emails often start with an anecdote about something that happened in the office or a story from a coworker. There's always something happening with the team and in our office—we love working here, and naturally, that bleeds out into how we communicate. We have a beautiful office, amazing perks—benefits, team lunches, speakers, trainings, retreats, coffee, food, fresh juice and kombucha on tap just to name a few—and a relaxed work environment. That’s not to say that there isn’t any stress or hard days here, we are running an international business with a very small staff, but we work together to solve any problems and to support each other’s busy schedules.

We get a lot of recognition internally for the amount of mindfulness we put into our environment, but this week we are being recognized externally too, and we’re really excited about it! Best Workplaces

Every year, releases a list of their best places to work. They get thousands of applications and they narrow it down to just 200 nationwide. We made the list!

Everyone on the team took a survey about our perks, how we feel about our office culture, and how well we feel heard by our bosses and the people over at Inc. were thoroughly impressed with our excitement over coming to work everyday.

They wrote to us and said that ASC “is one of the highest-scoring businesses with standout employee engagement” with “a clear purpose, a sense of humor, and leadership that makes the two work together.”

The Annmarie Skin Care Support

Of course we know that, but it feels awesome to be recognized for it. Kev and Rachel go out of their way to listen to our ideas and take them to heart. A great example is that every week we have a team meeting to answer a question. Something like, “how do we appeal to a younger audience?” Everyone on the team has the opportunity to bring ideas to the table and get input from other people—these questions can really quickly turn into a team-wide brainstorm where we all walk out feeling like we contribute something to our big picture.

Awesome Bosses: Rachel, Kevin, Annmarie

Another way we feel heard is in our personal lives. Yes, we’re a team, but we are also a family—we did win an award for best coworkers last year. If anyone is having a difficult day or a really good day, our culture is to make an effort to reach out and offer support. For instance, last week I had an emotional day and Annmarie came into the office just to go for a walk with me to have a conversation about how I was feeling. She even sent me a text the next day to see how I was doing.

I could write an entire article about all of the things we do together like have cookie parties, go on herb walks, and have guest speakers like Jean Haner to read our faces but if you follow our blog, you already know about a lot of what we do.

Fun with DIY skin care

ASC Perks

Working in a culture that supports what we need is amazing, but we also have awesome perks around the office.

The Office Itself

Our space is beautiful. When we moved to this office in 2015, we were basically given a blank slate. Turns out that before she took over ASC Operations, Rachel went to art school for interior design. Walking into our office, this makes perfect sense. In our individual offices, we were given a budget to create our workspace in the way that works to inspire us—which means every office space has a totally different look to it.

Our meeting space is a carefully curated circle of unique chairs, couches with funky cushions, and rugs of different patterns that somehow create a cohesive whole.

Our Retail Space is located at our headquarters so if you’re ever in the Bay Area, come check it out, we'd love to have you!

The Kitchen

We hung a blackboard in our kitchen so that we can make a list of the food items or other things that we would love to have available to us. You’ll see chocolate, coffee, dandy blend, rice, chips, avocados, or anything number of things there. We do this so that if we forget lunch or a snack, anyone on the team can venture into the kitchen and have a healthy snack (or a bite of chocolate) so we can stay focused on our work.

Oh, and that week number in the corner? Well, that corresponds to our chore chart (did I mention we're like a family?).

We also have regular deliveries from Thrive Market (snacks), Good Eggs (produce), Happy Moose Juice (fresh pressed), and Revive Kombucha (two kegs on tap) and a catered team-lunch every month!

The Benefits Package

Our full-time staff has an awesome health benefits package which includes health, dental and eye care. Anything that isn’t covered under the health care package, is helped by our $100/month accruing HSA—hello chiropractic—so that we can work with any natural healers or help pay any outstanding medical bills.

We get team-wide paid holidays, like Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a few others, but we also get 5 weeks paid vacation every year.

And when it’s time to move on, we’re supported in that too. Our bosses offer help with resumes, flexible time to attend interviews, trainings, and anything else feasible to help team members follow their dreams.

There’s Nothing Like…

Knowing that we’re creating something together. As much as we love all of these perks and the community that we have, we work here because we love knowing that we’re here together making something worthwhile. Everyone on this team is excited and engaged because Annmarie Skin Care is making a huge impact on people like you.

new year's resolutions
The whole team at Christmas time 2016.

We feel great knowing that we do our part to bring you safe, effective products that are sustainable and safe for our environment. We get to share information about health and connect with some of the foremost wellness coaches through the ASC name. Don’t get me wrong, it’s work, but it’s work that we can all get behind. This Wild. Beautiful. theme that we’re obsessed with, is a real part of our lives and we don’t lose sight of our purpose.

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