Annmarie Skin Care Nominated for Work Local Awards


We recently found out that we've been nominated for some pretty cool awards as part of the 2016 Work Local Awards.

The awards are presented by Localwise—the local job community in the Bay Area—in partnership with the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Kiva Zip, and more. Localwise is a mission-driven organization focused on helping local businesses hire great local people.

Here are a few of our nominations:

Most Community Oriented Employer

We consider ourselves part of the Berkeley community, with our office in the heart of West Berkeley where lots of small businesses are thriving. We support our fellow small-businesses whenever we can, whether it's by ordering from local restaurants for our team lunches, having work happy hours at local bars, or supporting local artists such as Amanda Goldberg, who created our exquisite green wall for our retail space:


Our retail space serves not only as a way for locals to get their Annmarie Skin Care fix, but also a way for us to meet fellow community members, share a glass of kombucha, and connect.

Click Here to Take a Virtual Tour of Our Retail Space

Best Employee Perks


We keep our refrigerator stocked with healthy goodies for our team to enjoy, like organic, cold-pressed juice from Happy Moose Juice, and groceries from local farms on Good Eggs. Plus, we have Revive kombucha on tap so we can enjoy healthy probiotics everyday.

Our cabinets are filled to the brim with herbal teas, supplements, protein powders, and other goodies to help us stay healthy and radiant.

It doesn't stop there… We have ‘Backbar Sessions‘ where we bring in experts in anything from skin care, nutrition, science, face reading, or astrology, and have them share their knowledge with the team.

And of course, we have skin care in the office so we can play around with masks and scrubs whenever we need a pick me up.

Coolest Workspace


Rachel brought her interior design expertise into the office to create a space that is equal parts cozy and beautiful. Here's what she has to say about the intention behind our workspace:

“Our Annmarie Skin Care office is like a home away from home. We've created this space with the intention of replicating our most comfortable place, our homes. Why not, right? We spend more time here and with our team than in most places and with most people, so it should be relaxing, spacious, healthy and fun. From the bohemian chic decor, floor rugs and pillows, window lit rooms, backyard garden and our plant friends everywhere.”


Best Co-Workers

Above all…


What makes Annmarie Skin Care a great place to work…


Is all the amazing people we work with.


Annmarie Skin Care is made up of people with heart, passion, and dedication not only to doing things right, but to being there for each other.

We are truly blessed to work with the team that we have in the space that we have, and we appreciate the recognition from Local Wise and the community.

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