Limited Edition No. 1: The Spring Forest Body Scrub

Spring Forest Body Scrub

Our Spring Forest Body Scrub is almost here!

This is the first time we're releasing a limited edition product, something we're making especially for spring and doing a single production run of.

Essentially, it's a way for us to be creative and play around with new ingredients, and a way for you to enjoy something unique from us.

Skin care is something we got into because there was a need for potent, plant-based products that radically beautify your skin. And after years of working with our earth mama chemist, Bunnie, and exploring the world of herb-infused oils, plant extracts, and aromatherapeutic essential oils, we can still say that this is something we really enjoy doing.

And so far, each product we have introduced has been something permanent, something that becomes part of our line.

With a limited edition product, the design process is a little different. We have a little more freedom to play around with different ingredients and have some fun with the label design.

Now that it's almost time for us to release the Spring Forest Body Scrub, the first in our limited edition yearly tradition, we wanted to talk about the spring inspiration, the ingredients, and the amazing skin benefits.

Spring Renewal

Winter can be a tough time for the skin. Dry winds leave it fighting for moisture and all that time spent inside means less vitamin D and more indoor air pollution. (Yep, the air inside can actually be worse for you than the outside environment.)

So as we entered this season of spring — a time of rejuvenation, of starting anew, and of pursuing love with fervor — we asked ourselves, ‘how can we turn this feeling into a skin care experience?'

Right now we don't have any body scrubs in our line, and though we've written about how you can make your own at home, we wanted to offer you a scrub that is truly luxurious, one that you would look forward to each time you used it.

Because really, many of us neglect to exfoliate below the neck, leaving our skin less radiant than it could be.

So while we clean out our closets and bring those things we never wear to the thrift store and pull the last remaining winter plants out of the garden, let us also do some spring cleaning for our skin.

Arms, Meet Shea Butter

Right now, the only product in our line with shea is our Anti-Aging Eye Cream. (In that formula, we use shea oil to make it easier to dispense the product out of the pump.)

Shea butter is incredibly moisturizing, famously so, and we decided to make it the first ingredient in the Spring Forest Body Scrub in the spirit of reviving our dry winter skin.

Many body scrubs you may have used in the past are simple exfoliants without butters or oils. These can be great too, but leave your skin in need of some post shower moisturization.

With this formula, rich shea butter is blended with avocado oil and coconut oil, for a combination that penetrates the skin and revives its glow. Shea butter on its own can be a bit thick, but blended with these oils it spreads beautifully across the skin for a seamless application process.

The exfoliant in this formula is fine mineral salt. The result is a tactile, sensory experience and touch-ably soft results.

Clarifying Aromatherapy

The choice of essential oils in this formula was also inspired by spring. We wanted to clear away the fogginess of winter hibernation and dispel any lingering cabin fever. At the same time, we wanted to add naturally cleansing oils.

The blend is simple: essential oils of lavender, fir needle, and sage. The scent of a spring forest. Let's talk about each of these oils.

Let's talk about each of these oils.

Fir Needle Essential Oil

When we think of the forest, we tend to think of conifers, and it's no surprise that the needles hold the most potent compounds of the tree. Fir needle is a great ‘spring cleaning' oil.

The aromatherapy of fir needle is mentally stimulating, helping to dispel some of that winter fog we mentioned. This combination of mental clarity and de-fogging was just what we were looking for in the scrub's aromatherapy.

Sage Essential Oil

In addition to lending its herbaceous scent profile to the Spring Forest scrub, sage offers its high antioxidant content, making it a great anti-aging skin care ingredient.

Compare its ORAC score of 11,300 to vitamin E, which is 3,300.

ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. It measures the “total antioxidant capacity” of an ingredient, allowing us to quantify its ability to reverse oxidation on our skin or in our bodies.

As your massage this scrub into your skin, the antioxidants in sage essential oil help protect against environmental stressors much like green tea does inside the body.

In terms of aromatherapy, sage has long been used to enhance spiritual awareness and break life patterns. So in that sense it stimulates our minds in a way that helps us move towards our goals and away from things that are stagnating us.

Like with fir needle, this was the first time we'd used sage essential oil in any of our products. Our research revealed its rich history of use in ceremony and gave us a deeper appreciation for the act of burning sage to clear a space. We really appreciate what it brings to the aromatherapy of this scrub.

Click to Read More About Sage Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil is not new to our line by any means. Its pervasiveness not only in our line but in skin care in general is really a testament to its benefits.

While the other two oils in the Spring Forest Body Scrub are primarily stimulating, lavender encourages the body to be calm. This is a great herb for those looking to reduce the feeling of always being on the go.

Of course, you can't forget its beautiful aroma, which blends beautifully with fir needle and sage, creating a scent that's bright, balanced, and refreshingly clarifying.

We are so excited for you to try our first limited edition product. To read more about how this label was designed, click here.

Let us know your thoughts on the Spring Forest Body Scrub in the comments below!

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