3 Reasons Why We’re Making the Switch to Avocado Oil

avocado oil

It took a while to convince the world that putting oil on your skin doesn’t mean you’re doomed to clogged pores and breakouts. People are starting to realize that oil is actually one of the best anti-aging secrets out there.

Now that facial oils are becoming “mainstream,” we’re getting flooded with information on which kind of oil is the best for your skin. So which is it?

Why we love avocado oil

We’re not one to play favorites, but today we’re talking about a type of oil that your skin really likes: avocado oil.

Anti-aging and moisturizing, avocados are so much more than future guacamole. There's a lot of internet buzz about which oils do what, so we dug deep into the research out there on why avocado is such a uniquely skin-loving ingredient.

3 reasons to switch to avocado oil

Here are some reasons we’re totally inviting avocado oil to the skin care party.

1. Avocado Oil Offers Enhanced Skin Penetration

I kept seeing people saying that avocado penetrates well into the skin, but sometimes the internet offers up well-meaning but unverified information. I wanted to know if avocado oil really offers better skin penetration than, say, grapeseed or coconut oil.

the science behind it

It turns out that it’s true. Oleic acid is a fatty acid that enhances skin permeability, and avocado oil has a lot of it. Its fatty acid composition is comprised of 63% oleic acid, compared to coconut oil with 5-10% and grapeseed oil with 16.2%.

This makes avocado oil a great morning moisturizer, when you don’t want your oil to sit on your skin and give it a greasy or shiny look. You can save the heavier oils for your nighttime regimen.

2. Avocado Oil Contains Chlorophyll

Avocado oil is uniquely rich in chlorophyll, so you can enjoy the appearance of brighter looking when you use it on your skin. Avocado oil is also good for sensitive skin.

the perfect balance

If you’re looking for a facial oil that is moisturizing, and not too heavy, you should definitely consider avocado. You can even mash up the fruit itself and use it as a facial mask.

3. Avocados are (Potentially) Local

For those of us in the United States, avocado oil is somewhat close to home. The US is the fourth highest producer of these green treasures, the first being Mexico.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Especially for those of us on the west coast, using avocado or avocado oil on our skin instead of tropically-grown coconut can greatly reduce the distance your skin care travels before getting to your face. (Indonesia, the Philippines, and India are the world’s top producers of coconuts.) This translates into fewer fossil fuels consumed and less pollution created.

Have you used avocado oil? Tell us about your results in the comments below!


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  1. Elin says

    I’ve been using avocado oil on my forehead and around my eyes for over a year now and happy with the results. Also like the fact that I’m putting something natural on my face. I sometimes use it to take my eye makeup off too!

  2. Kerry says

    I’ve been using your Anti-Aging Facial oil for a couple of years and love it more than anything I’ve ever used on my face. I also got a sample of your Sun Love and really like it. Can I use the two together, or should I skip the facial oil when I use the Sun Love?

    • Annmarie Skin Care says

      Hi Kerry,

      You can most definitely use the Anti-Aging Facial Oil with the Sun Love if you would like! Some people use the Sun Love atop of their regular Facial Oil and others feel that the Sun Love is moisturizing enough on its own. It’s all about playing around with what works for your skin 🙂

  3. Gabrielle Menendez says

    I love Sun Love! This is something I use every day. Besides being a sun protector, it makes my skin even and supple. I don’t need any makeup with Sun Love.

    Thank you for this product. As with all your products, it works!


  4. Lidia says

    I have been using avocado oil, unrefined, virgin, first press, mixed with macadamia oil for my face and it moisturizers better than any other moisturizer I have used. I have very sensitive skin which is prone to redness. I buy it in a large bottle which I keep in the refrigerator. I love the way it gives me radiance and moisture!

    • Donna says

      Lidia – what is the ratio of avocado and macadamia oils in your moisturizer mix? or do you put one on and then follow the other.

  5. Amanda says

    I think under the ‘Local’ point, you meant to say that India, the Phillipines, and Indonesia are the world’s top producers of coconuts, not avocadoes?

  6. michelle walrath says

    Super helpful post.. i used it often last summer and found it incredibly moisturizing. So interesting that it has natural SPF qualities and healing qualities but it makes sense since it grows in the sunniest spots in the world.

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