Understand your Calling with Brandon Peele’s New Book, Planet on Purpose


Is your career your highest contribution and your source of self-expression and fulfillment?  If it isn’t, you’re not alone. A recent Gallup study suggests that 87% of adults the world over are disengaged at work, and struggling to find meaning in their daily lives.

That's why we're excited to share a new book from our friend, Certified Purpose Guide and author Brandon Peele, Planet on Purpose (Hay House/Balboa Press, 2018).

From Annmarie Gianni herself, “Planet on Purpose is beautifully written and is much needed for those who are looking to reach their higher potential. Brandon states that ‘purpose does more than give you a reason to live, it gives you the means and physiology by which to live it.' That is exactly what he has done for you in this book–he graciously guides you through proven steps to help you be the human you were meant to be on this planet. He gives you the means by which to live out your true authentic self–someone that will not be afraid to escape the ordinary, to take ownership of their life, and in the process add more and more beauty within themselves and this world we all share.”

A growing body of research from institutions, such as Harvard, Stanford and McKinsey & Co., shows that there is an answer and it’s more accessible than you might think.  Discovering your unique, higher purpose has a positive impact on various aspects of life: engagement (4x), longevity (+7 years), productivity (5x), career fulfillment (+64%), civic engagement (+50%), leadership effectiveness (+63%), even love (+31%) and attraction.  The economic impacts of this shift in personal psychology and political economy are profound — companies who lead with their higher purpose outperform the market 12-to-1 and their peers 15-to-1.

In this age of near-epidemic inequality, political turmoil, climate change, and dissatisfaction with our own working lives, Planet on Purpose illuminates over 30 years of research on purpose, lays out a proven path to discover, embody and lead with your purpose and offers a purposeful vision for how humanity could cooperate, politically, economically and culturally.

“There is a hunger for a real-world solution to having an abundant and fulfilling career and making a positive impact on the human condition.  Once people discover the overwhelming evidence for a life of purpose and a proven path to purpose discovery, I believe we will empower a torrent of purpose-driven individuals, industries and technology solutions that enhance human flourishing,”  Peele states.

In Planet on Purpose, Brandon hits on a unique aspect of purpose, not only does it help people find personal happiness, confidence and career satisfaction, but it liberates people from old identities rooted in race, nationality, religion, gender and sexuality, and sources identity internally, while also connecting people more deeply to their community and environment.  Through the inevitable expansion of that shared community, purpose can actually unify the world.

Learn more and get your copy here.

How has getting in touch with your higher purpose shaped your life? Let us know in the comments below!

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