The Science of Inner Radiance


Contributed by our friend Brandon Peele,

As a kid, my mother, who is always really early for flights, like three-hours-before-boarding-early, taught me a fun game.  After ticketing, baggage and security, finds the perfect seat and starts playing—she peers into the inner lives of people looking for their beauty, for the drama and landscape of their inner reality that lies underneath their expression.  Tonight, I find myself continuing this tradition and I see sadness, joy and love.

I find myself sitting at LAX, watching my fellow travelers radiate beauty.  Sometimes their radiance dances on the surface.  Sometimes it’s hidden deep in the contours of a human soul.  But it’s always there.

I see the radiance of 50-something road warriors, erudite hipsters, awkward teens glued to phones, elderly couples in Indiana Jones adventure gear, energetic 20-somethings en route conferences and bachelorette parties, couples being sweet to one another and young families staring vacantly into space, murmuring their own version of FML.  Each of them are radiating.  Hidden in every expression, in every bit of their body language is something they care about, some radiant aspect of their purpose.

Having just said goodbye to my fiancee, who is in LA for three weeks on business, I’m present to our sweet goodbye and the Love Actually-esque montage of our few days together exploring beach towns, celebrating her birthday and visiting with friends and family.  I’m filled with sweet memories, and all of it, everything in my view, everything in my heart, everything in the sadness of our goodbye, everything in the blank stares of my travel weary friends is beautiful.  It all radiates.  Underneath every ounce of sadness, anger, or withdrawal is a pound of radiant love, care, concern and purpose.

However, radiance goes far beyond symmetrical bone structure, good skin, fitness and sweet memories. It has to do with the attunement to what is inside.  It has to do with knowing oneself, feeling the full spectrum of one’s emotions, desires and creativity, and being unafraid to express what is true.  And therein lies some really interesting science.  

Recent research suggests that when people are connected to their higher purpose, they actually become more attractive.  Their cells literally change.  Their bodies become healthier, more vibrant, and they live longer lives. Seven years longer!  Further, they become more attractive and are 31% more likely to be in love.  And it’s not just their health and love life that radiates, but their careers, as people who are connected with their higher purpose boast an increase in income, wealth, abundance (+47%), leadership effectiveness (+63%), career fulfillment (+64%), engagement (4x) and productivity (+5x).

As a Purpose Guide and Course Leader, I’ve seen countless inner lights switch on – like thousands from dozens of countries.  I’ve seen people access their soul’s purpose, and radiate the joy, excitement and creativity in their heart.  I’ve seen posture, affect, mood and style instantly change.  I’ve seen their souls radiate and expand as they discover their purpose.  I’ve seen them electrify their life as they take on aligning every key area (health, romance, career, family, community, spirituality, finances) with their higher purpose.

And none of this has anything to do with conventional standards of beauty.  It has to do with being oneself fully, being able to distinguish and connect with what comes from their soul’s purpose and what is the chatter of their various ego parts (Critic, Skeptic, Image Consultant, Protector, Wounded Child, ref. Tim Kelley’s True Purpose).

If you are keen to harness your own radiance, I invite you to join us for Tuesday’s event at BATCH in San Francisco at 6pm PST or via Facebook LIVE.  We will explore the science of inner radiance, do a powerful exercise to awaken new aspects of your purpose, and create visual representation of your higher purpose, your Purpose Tree.  When you join us, you will also get a the complimentary Higher Purpose Starter Kit, which includes the first six chapters of my upcoming audiobook, Planet on Purpose, and two additional purpose exercises.

I look forward to seeing you there.

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