Share and Win: Minerals by Annmarie Multi-Purpose Foundation Video Contest

Earth Minerals Multi-Purpose Foundation Contest

Since introducing Minerals by Annmarie Multi-Purpose Foundation, we've been overwhelmed by the positive responses. We're really happy that so many people are excited about taking another step towards a beauty routine that is free of toxic chemicals.

After working for a long time on this makeup and then releasing it to all of you, we're wondering how you love using it and what your experience has been so far. We'd really like to know!

So if you’ve used Minerals by Annmarie Multi-Purpose Foundation, we invite you to share your story with us by entering our Minerals by Annmarie Mineral Multi-Purpose Foundation Video Contest! Enter and you could win a heaping dose of gratitude (aka prizes) from us!

Haven't used it yet? Click here to get the full-sized, and click here to try some samples.

Here’s How it Works

  1. Film yourself sharing your experience using Minerals by Annmarie Multi-Purpose Foundation. You can show us how you apply it, talk about how it works with your skin type, or just tell us why you love it! Have fun with it. 🙂
  2. Upload your video to Youtube and title it “Annmarie Skin Care Natural Makeup Review”
  3. Comment below with a link to the Youtube video you created.

The Prizes

We really want to show our appreciation to you for taking the time to tell us what you think of our makeup, so the creator of our favorite video will win all of this:

  • 1 Full-sized bottle of Minerals by Annmarie Multi-Purpose Foundation
  • 1 Facial Oil or Facial Serum of your choice
  • A free phone consultation with our in-house esthetician, Abby ($50 value)
  • $200 Annmarie Skin Care Gift certificate
  • 10 Minerals by Annmarie Multi-Purpose Foundation sample kits to share with family and friends!

5 runners up will receive a free, full-sized bottle of Minerals by Annmarie Multi-Purpose Foundation, so you have lots of chances to win!

If you have questions about this contest, please contact our customer support team at [email protected] Thanks for playing. 🙂

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Reader Interactions


    • admin says

      Hi Lori, thanks for submitting your video! So glad you wore the makeup on your trip to Arizona and that your skin stayed moisturized. 🙂

  1. Shilly Riser says

    I love all your products!!
    All my skin care is Annmarie Gianni and now, my make up is Annmarie Gianni.
    I am 44 years old, and people do not believe my age because my skin looks radiant and make me feel beautiful every day.
    I have a secret: When I apply my Annmarie products I always say positive affirmations, and I am grateful that these wonderful products are available, they are a gift from nature.
    Keep doing this excellent work Annmarie, I know you work together with your husband and your exceptional team to keep a high quality on your products.



    • admin says

      Hi Shilly! Thank you for your review!! You’re awesome! I didn’t see the link in your comment, but I found your video on Youtube. 🙂

  2. T R England -Bozeman says

    I wanted you to see my completed look using Annmarie Skin Care Natural Makeup. I sincerely Thank Annmarie, and everyone on her team, for all their hard work, to bring these exceptional natural products into existence, for people to use. You have truly changed my life for the better! T ~ Namaste` ~

  3. Julia says

    I love your products! I also tend to be a very private person who doesn’t really post videos online! It made me sooo nervous that I went back and forth about even entering this contest. I hope that the fact that I even submitted one, shows how much I believe in your products!

  4. Deni Silbert says

    Just have to add that the more I use the natural minerals, the better I like it! Just love it for all Over my face and even to hide dark circles under my eyes and to give the eyelids a nice Neutral finish. A very nice way to create a flattering even toned canvas to lay your makeup over. Plus it lasts all day! Never have to touch it up. ❤️. Of course the fact that I am not putting harmful or controversial ingredients into and into my skin is a no brainer!

  5. Leela says

    I’m in love! I’m smitten! I love your company and this product is pretty much my favorite thing in the world. Thank you for your creations Annmarie! I love your company so much I want to be a part of it! Lol my love for your line is that passionate, they’ve really brightened up my life. Thank you!

  6. Susan B says

    This is my first ever video so you can see how nervous I was, but I love your new Minerals by Annmarie makeup so much that I just had to let you know – especially in comparison with another mineral foundation that I have used but not with as much success. Thank you for another great product! I love the quality and feel the Annmarie-team love every day!

  7. Julia says

    Not sure if you received my link to the youtube video in the commenr above. It says that my comment is awaiting moderation….

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