Video Tutorial: How to Use Minerals by Annmarie Multi-Purpose Foundation

Earth Minerals How to Video

Excited about perfecting your complexion with natural mineral makeup? Here's a short video to show you how to create a natural liquid foundation with Minerals by Annmarie Multi-Purpose Foundation.

How to Use Minerals by Annmarie Multi-Purpose Foundation

This method is great for those who like their foundation with a dewy finish. For a more matte finish, you can use a brush to apply the powder dry.

To put it simply, you tap, blend, then apply.

  1. Tap a small pea-sized amount of mineral powder into your hand.
  2. Pump your serum, oil, or other moisturizer into your hand and blend to create a liquid foundation.
  3. Blend together, then apply with clean fingers. 

How to Blend Multiple Foundation Colors

Want to find out how to use Minerals by Annmarie Multi-Purpose Foundation according to your skin type? Click here to see photos of our team and their methods for applying their makeup.

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  1. adrienne boullianne says

    I must admit, at first, I was not impressed with ASC mineral makeup. I thought it was a lot of trouble–messy, baffling on how to mix and apply, and difficult finding a shade I felt worked for me. Because I had to put in an order for other products, I decided to give it another try. When I took the time to work with it (and by ‘time’ i mean, 2 more minutes, if that) i realized I had been making ‘much ado about nothing.’ When I got the hang of it and I was converted!
    It produced a lovely glow, and I could customize the coverage i needed by the amount of the mineral powder I added. I had already fallen in love with all of the other ASC products I had gotten, knowing that I’m using carefully crafted products with which I can feel safe, and so I was motivated to ‘like’ this makeup. After applying it in the morning, I was still left with a lovely coverage by the evening, with a very dewy finish because of the oil used as a mixer. Bottom line– I am so glad I didnt let this one get away and that I took the time to give it another try! Unfortunately, the color I need is on back order…I can barely wait to get more!
    Adrienne Boullianne

  2. Lori Lauersdorf says

    I LOVE this makeup!!! I got my sample kit and shook a little of the mineral powder into my palm and dabbed the oil just beside it and blended it together….it was like a little miracle happened. It turned into the most lovely texture of foundation. I used the pearl as my under eye concealer and when I blended the sand shade on I had a beautiful, healthy glow. It is now the end of my work day and my skin looks as nice as it did this morning and feels smooth and fresh still. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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