3 Myths About the Color Black (And How It Ages You!)


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First, let’s be clear: there’s nothing wrong with aging.

I’m a 59-year-old woman and I love every single one of my years.

But in my work helping women to love themselves and their appearance, I’ve seen many women age themselves prematurely. I’ve found that turning back the clock doesn’t require expensive or invasive solutions.

Most of the time, women age themselves prematurely with their hairstyle or clothing.

Here’s the most surprising thing that can age you: wearing the color black!

Doesn’t every woman need to own a little black dress? As the creator of Dressing Your Truth, I’ve seen thousands of women who prove the answer is NO. Let’s debunk some myths:

Myth 1: The Color Black Looks Good on Everyone.

Truth: Only one Type of woman looks stunning in black.

The fashion industry shows us one kind of beauty: porcelain skin with sculpted features and a naturally still and symmetrical expression. Black is a bold, still color. So a woman with naturally bold and still beauty will look great in it.

But there are actually 4 Different Types of Beauty!

Just as some women have naturally bold beauty, others are naturally cute, some are elegant, and others have a more dynamic quality of beauty.

The color black will make these other Types of women look childish, overpowered, or older than they are. When they ditch black and wear the colors best for them, they get amazing results.

Myth 2: The Color Black is


Truth: The color black is saturated. It doesn’t hide anything.

Black is a bold color. It shows up and stands out.

When you’re wearing black, you may feel hidden, but overall, you are not.

I’ve helped a lot of women who haven’t felt completely comfortable in their own body at its current size and shape. I created the program Dressing Your Truth to help women stop worrying about hiding their body’s flaws and create a style that draws attention to their face.

Myth 3: The Color Black Goes with Everything

Truth: The color black makes the strongest statement.

Even thought black is a common color, it is not a neutral.

Colors that hold their own up against true black are other saturated colors or stark white. When you wear black with colors like pastels or grey, the black garment makes the strongest statement on your body, preventing a harmonized, balanced look.

The biggest question is: Does the color black go with you?

Many women who wear the color black don’t realize how it washes them out, ages them, or brings out dark circles under their eyes.

So Black May Not be Your Best Color. Now What?

As I said, there are 4 Unique Types of Beauty. You express one of them.

Discovering your Type is the first empowering step to creating a style that brings out your true beauty. I offer a free Energy Profiling course to help you discover your Type easily.

Watch the free videos and discover your Type.

You are uniquely beautiful, whatever your age. You don’t need to age yourself prematurely by wearing the color that everyone else wears!

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