Annmarie Talks Beauty Confidence and Reveals Her Energy Type

Dress Your Truth Part 1

A while ago, we posted an article on the Epidemic of Beauty Confidence. It was written by a woman I’ve known now for 10 years who has made her life’s work about helping people, especially women, work through past trauma and find confidence in being themselves. Her studies in the psychology of fashion and shame-based beauty guided her in creating programs that help women determine their energy type and dress in a way that expresses their true beauty.

A couple months ago, Carol gave me a ‘beauty transformation.’

She wouldn’t let me call it a makeover, and here’s why. Her belief is that women should see their inner selves first before they work on changing their appearance. A transformation should focus on expressing that self.

So the process of my transformation started with a long chat with Carol, where she explained to me the four energy types and helped me figure out which one best describes me.

Of course, I found qualities about each type that I could relate to, but a couple stood out for me and by the end of our chat we were confident that I am a TYPE 3SM woman: Fire with a strong TYPE 2SM secondary.

If you take her course, you’ll know what I mean. And I encourage you to do so! It’s free and it only takes an hour or two. By the end, you’ll have a deeper understanding of who you are as a person and how to play up your strengths.

Click Here to Start Carol's Free Energy Profiling Course

Being a Type 3 SM

Before I went through Carol’s program with her, I wasn’t sure exactly what I’d get from it.

I knew that I wanted to help other women feel confident, and to be honest, I was really wanting to take some time to get pampered and feel beautiful.

Being a mom of 2, much of my time is spent caring for them. Being a mom is my favorite thing in the world, but let me tell you, going shopping with Basil is a much different experience than doing it alone.

And the thing is, even before I had kids I wasn’t a big fan of shopping.

So after going through this program I feel like I have a better understanding of the colors and cuts that work well for my type. My type, type 3SM, is naturally prone to lots of movement and drawn to angular shapes. So it makes sense why I’ve always loved halter tops and why my wedding dress had a deep V-neckline — they’re both angular cuts!

Now that I have a better sense of what to look for when I shop, I think it will be an easier and more enjoyable experience. When you see how they did my hair for my transformation, you’ll see that they also incorporated this idea of ‘movement.’

My Transformation

The whole process was so amazing for me. Carol’s business is run by her and her family and the warmth I experienced from them during every step of the way was incredible.

Annmarie Skin Care was started to help women feel more beautiful without compromising their health. We want all of you to know how beautiful you are and never feel like you have to change or compromise yourself.

So Carol’s approach to beauty transformations really spoke to us, because she doesn’t want you to cover up who you are with clothes and makeup, she wants to help you express it.

Today we are sharing the video of Carol and I discussing some of our beauty insecurities. She explains to me how some of the things I’ve felt insecure about are actually reflections of my ‘type’ and show aspects of who I am. It’s so simple yet it really has helped me to feel more confident when I think about these areas of my body.

Being on camera isn’t exactly my favorite thing, but in doing so, I am able to bring Carol’s amazing message to you. I hope you enjoy hearing what she has to say. Click here to see my ‘beauty transformation!'

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Carol asks me about my beauty insecurities and tells me about my energy type. Watch the interview here and click here for my transformation video!

Click Here to Access Carol's Program

Have you gone through the Dress Your Truth program? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Elizabeth says

    Yes, I have done Dressing Your Truth and loved it. I am a type 1. The types seems to correspond somewhat with Ayurveda. Knowing what type you are explains why you are simply drawn to certain shapes or colors. It makes shopping (which I don’t like much either!) so much easier because you don’t waste your time. Carol Tuttle is really sharing a wonderful gift with women.

  2. Dawn says

    Hi Aneemarie! Love your “new” look! I have been on the look out for my look since the ’80’s when I discovered “Color Me a Season”. They were at my local sewing store & declared I was a Spring. I was uncertain but embraced it for a few years never feeling quite right about it. Then “Color Me Beautiful” came along & they declared me an Autumn instead & I tried that for awhile but again that didn’t seem comfortable either. When my daughter was 12 we went to J.C. Penney for a little “make-over” as a treat for her birthday & it was then decided I was a warm Autumn I believe which I tried again & found that some colors did finally feel right but not all. By this time I was very frustrated but still certain that there was something to this color stuff I just hadn’t figured it out yet!!! I remember along the way thinking that I really needed to make my inside match my outside. Then I finally discovered “Dressing Your Truth” & found I am a Type 2 which roughly correlates to Summer & as soon as I started dressing in these colors my inside & outside finally matched. It’s an amazing system. As for why the other systems didn’t work? They kept putting me as a fall/spring because I have copper colored hair-not usually found in summer.

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