The Epidemic of Beauty Confidence

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Today's article comes from Carol Tuttle, who specializes in helping women discover and express themselves. She is a true healer, using EFT tapping, Rapid Eye Technology, and Chakra clearings to help people transform and live inspired lives.

One of the cool things that Carol does is a program that teaches you which energy type you are and how to make the most of it. She even gives recommendations for how to dress to express your type! Her program has helped thousands of women feel more beautiful and comfortable in their skin.

Find out your unique beauty type by following this link:

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Carol recently gave Annmarie a beauty transformation. Annmarie spends so much time looking after her little ones and helping out in the office that she was in need of some time for herself. We'll be posting before and after photos, as well as photos of the whole process soon!

In the mean time, we asked Carol if we could share something from her blog, which is full of inspiring and informative articles from her and her team. She share one with us that we thought was super insightful, unlike a lot of articles we've seen out there.

The Epidemic of Beauty Confidence

Are you up for a fun challenge?

And what if I told you it has the potential to change not only your life but the lives of women everywhere?

I’m serious. And here are 5 steps we can take to do this together:

1. The next time you’re getting ready, look at yourself in the mirror.

Really take a moment to observe the wholeness of your body, the wholeness of your physical expression.

What do you see?

2. Then, pay attention to the internal conversation in your head.

What kinds of feelings or thoughts immediately come up for you as you look at your body?

Do you feel appreciation? Love? Acceptance? Or is it surprise (is that really me?)? Shame? Disgust?

What internal voices do you hear?

Is it a loving voice that says: “You are an amazing woman. Sure, you might have some areas you want to improve, but just look at how fabulous you are!”

Or do you hear that old familiar voice of judgment: “Ugh. Look at that chin. Or that nose. Or your skin. Your thighs. That belly. Your bum. And you know that scale has too many numbers on it, right?”

3. Talk back to your internal voice.

If your internal voice is mostly negative, I want you to recognize that your so called internal voice really isn’t even yours to begin with.

That negative internal voice is really just an old, loud collective voice coming from an old, unchallenged belief that we all bought into early in our teen years that told us we are not beautiful enough.

So tell that internal voice that you hear what it’s saying, but your turning it’s microphone off. It can still speak, but you’re not going to tune into its programming any more.

I personally started challenging this collective belief 10 years ago when I started creating Dressing Your Truth. I knew that I could not lead other women where I had not yet gone myself.

Now it’s your turn to speak your voice.

4. Next, introduce a new voice to your body: your own.

Look at yourself in the mirror and say aloud to yourself: “I am beautiful. All of me is beautiful.”

Saying “I am beautiful” is stronger than “I look beautiful.” Because this isn’t only about how you look. It’s about being.

Women have been wounded by our culture’s false standards of beauty for so long that it might feel strange to say this at first. Say it anyway.

Exercise your voice by speaking truth to your mind, your body, to your cells.

I am grateful to share with you, that I have found my true voice which speaks the truth of who I am as a woman: “I am beautiful.”

Is your internal voice still beating you up? If you’re still picking out your flaws (and most woman do), check this out.

As the creator of Dressing Your Truth, it’s my mission to help women discover their Type of beauty—and understand why those so-called “flaws” are actually some of your best features!

5. I invite you to share this with other women.

Seeing and celebrating our own beauty can only become an epidemic when we share it with other people. Rewriting the programming of our culture of beauty is something we’ve got to do together, ladies!

Knowing my own beauty has opened my eyes to the beauty in all women.

So like this post, share it on Facebook and let’s start an epidemic of beauty confidence together!

You know what else is fun to share? Your Type of beauty. I’m giving away my Beauty Profiling course for free so you can learn your Beauty Profile and find out which of the 4 Types of beauty you express. Then tell a friend and invite her to learn her Type of beauty, too!

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And check back soon to see pictures of Annmarie's transformation!

What are your favorite positive affimations? Let us know in the comments below!

Dress Your Truth - Carol Tuttle

This article was contributed by Carol Tuttle, who started studying energy healing over 20 years ago. Since then, she's had the opportunity to train people across the world in energy healing to improve every aspect of their lives — from money, to health, to relationships, to overall emotional well-being.

Her program Dress Your Truth has helped thousands of women discover their beauty type and dress in a way that makes them feel confident and beautiful. Find out more here.

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  1. Lynsey Kelly says

    Thanks for this great reminder! We are ALL too hard on ourselves, and we all have something wonderful to offer!

  2. Elizabeth Resnick says

    One of my favorite affirmations is “all is well, and everything is in divine order.”

    Another, from Louise Hay, that I love is “my body is filled with starlight, and I sparkle and glow everywhere I go.”

  3. Penny says

    Thank you for sharing this blog.. the one sentence that stood out for me was
    ‘I knew that I could not lead other women where I had not yet gone myself.’
    I motivate and encourage others with compassion and support yet the little voice in my head beats me up for not being ‘More’.
    I needed this today to remind me that I am enough, I have been through and come out the other side and I have everything it takes to lead other women to a place of passion and purpose.

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