The Top 6 Travel Tips from the Annmarie Community

A traveling friend even sent us a photo from his latest trip!

The past few months we’ve been asking our community questions via email about things like your favorite smoothie recipe or favorite summer salad. We choose one awesome response to share with everyone and send a special gift to the person who supplied it.

This time we did things a little bit differently—we still sent our question through an email (which you can sign up to receive at the bottom of the page) and we still sent a special gift (this time it was a Travel Kit!), but this time we couldn’t choose just one.

We asked you to share your favorite travel tips, what gets you through that difficult plane ride, makes your trip better, or helps you remember your travels?

True to form, we got amazing responses from all over the country. It was hard to narrow these down, but here are the top 6 travel tips that you shared with us—please feel free to add your own favorite in the comments too.

TR Bozeman from Rio Linda, CA

It's important to stay balanced, as traveling is always unpredictable. I always bring homemade snacks—nuts, dried fruit, a small bit of cacao, along with fresh lemon water. With hydration and hunger both taken care of I can enjoy my traveling! Happy travels!

Vanessa W. from Tucson, AZ

I love to spend one day traveling without taking any photos. I studied photography and I love taking photos, but this is my way of balancing the time I spend behind the camera and the time I spend just purely enjoying wherever I am. It’s like a little treat to myself: to flow through a full day without trying to document or hold onto it in any way.

Karen S. from Leland, NC

I travel often for work and my travel tip is to always dress in layers when traveling. Temperature extremes are likely when traveling by air; the airplanes are hot when first boarding, but usually freezing by the time you land. Also your destination is likely to have a different temperature than your departure city. I love to travel with a Pashmina, it fits easily in my carry on, but can be taken out anytime when the temperatures go down.

Jane K. from West Baldwin, ME

My best travel advice is to sink in as deep as possible to the culture you are visiting. Stay in a bed and breakfast or small locally owned hotel, talk with the local people, learn something of their history and the struggles they have gone through, eat in their homes, enter into their real lives—learn their joys and their sorrows. Treasure what they share with you.
If all I do is walk around with a tour guide, stay in an American chain hotel, and eat American meals, I will stay on the surface as a tourist and will have missed out.

Darlene S. from Ava, MO

I like to collect a small stone from each place I visit and write on the bottom side with a permanent marker where it came from. I place them on my flower bed and feel as if I brought a bit of the joy home with me! Many times the stones I find are in the shape of hearts, which is such a great way to remember the love is found everywhere if you are looking.

Faezeh T. from Irvine, CA

There are a couple of things that I put in my luggage before everything!
One of them is a few Tb spoons of chia seed, or psyllium with a glass jar. No matter where I am staying, every night I put half or 1 Tb spoon of the seeds in the jar, add water and let them stay over night. In the morning I drink it before breakfast. This keeps me regular for the whole trip!

I also carry a small bottle of lavender essential oil to smell or apply on my skin, refresh and sooth my body. Annmarie Skin Care perfume blends work great for this too.

This is probably our favorite question so far. We’re a team of travelers and we will definitely add a lot of these suggestions to our travel routines!

Do you have more travel tips for us? Let us know in the comments below!

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