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Did you know recent studies have shown that children born today in the United States may have shorter lifespans than their parents?

That there are populations in certain parts of the world who regularly live into their 80’s, 90’s, and beyond – virtually free of the chronic diseases plaguing our modern industrialized world?

How is it possible that these people can live full, healthy, happy, and active lives into their 10th decade while we’re seeing skyrocketing rates of degenerative diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s, lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and obesity, and childhood conditions such as autism?

What are the physiological factors that determine the speed at which we age or develop chronic diseases? What do these populations do (or not do) differently? How is our health linked to the health of the world around us? What does the current science have to say about it all?

The Human Longevity Project

These and many other questions drove filmmaker Jason Prall and his team to travel the globe for two years, visiting 9 countries and over 60 cities – resulting in a uniquely comprehensive exploration into the lives of the world’s healthiest populations, the factors which contribute to premature aging, and what steps you can take to live a longer, healthier, happier life!

Jason has interviewed dozens of amazing elders from around the globe, in addition to over 90 of the world’s leading scientific researchers, doctors, experts, and healers to analyze the traditional health secrets of these incredible populations through the lens of the most modern, cutting-edge science available.

Experts like Dr. Mark Hyman and Annmarie Skin Care's own COO, Rachel Pachivas, share their knowledge and experience in a truly unprecedented collaboration – with the mission to impact millions of lives and shift the entire paradigm of health in the modern industrialized world.

The best part? It’s all available to watch, for FREE, starting on Tuesday, May 8th at 5pm ET.

Reserve your spot today to watch the Human Longevity Project! 

A Rapidly Changing Planet

If you’d like to learn why we age so much faster than these populations, see much higher rates of chronic diseases, and find ourselves tired, overweight, sick, and heavily medicated – and what you can do about it – then this beautifully-filmed, educational, and inspiring series is for you!

Unfortunately, it was learned during this journey that these ultra-healthy corners of the planet are rapidly changing. The wisdom and secrets of these extraordinary elders will soon be lost forever – which is why this project, in this moment, is essential for ourselves and our future generations.

Here’s a little preview of what you can expect from this one-of-a-kind series…

Episode 1—The Truth About Aging: Can It Be Slowed or Even Reversed?

  • Defining aging, on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level
  • Deep-dive into current science regarding mitochondria – the gate-keepers of health and longevity – plus an introduction to the emerging field of epigenetics
  • Inspiring wisdom and perspective on aging from healthy elders from around the globe (they steal the show)

Episode 2—The Gut & Immune System: How Microbes Keep You Free of Disease

  • An introduction to, and exploration of modern science regarding, our microbiome – and the role it plays in almost every aspect of health and longevity
  • How does gut health impact aging, immune function, emotions, and chronic disease?
  • What can we learn from the practices of the world’s healthiest populations to live in a way more suitable to a healthy and balanced microbiome?

Episode 3—Diet & Exercise: The Surprising Habits of Healthy Populations

  • What (and how) do the world’s healthiest populations eat (or not eat), how do they view exercise (might surprise you), and what can be learned from them?
  • A look at the modern, industrialized food system and the relatively new phenomenon of dogmatic, restrictive “healthy” diets
  • Food as information – which communicates directly with our mitochondria, DNA, and microbiome
  • The science of fasting (various forms) and the impact it has on our health and longevity is explored by the world’s leading experts on the subject

Episode 4—Toxic Planet: How to Be Healthy in a Sick World

  • Covers all aspects of environmental toxicity and our intricate, undeniable connection to nature – as well as the infinite ways that living out of balance with nature can negatively impact health
  • How simple actions can have a huge cumulative impact on our own personal health and the health of the world we all share
  • The healthy elders share valuable observations of the changes they’ve seen in the world – both locally and on a global scale – during their lifetimes, and what advice they’d like to share with us

Reserve your spot today to watch the Human Longevity Project! 

Episode 5—Sleep, Light & Disease: Where the Western World Went Wrong and How to Fix It

  • An introduction into the fascinating science of circadian rhythms and the biological clocks that drive all functions and systems within our body
  • How does our modern life of artificial lighting, screens, night shifts, and overstimulation impact our nervous system, hormones, mitochondria, and every aspect of healthy aging?
  • What can we learn from healthy traditional societies regarding living more in tune with natural cycles and rhythms of light and dark?
  • The modern “pollution” of EMF’s and electrosmog is pulled out of the “woo” and into the light using science-backed research and evidence

Episode 6—Raising Healthy Kids: Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond

  • This episode is absolutely loaded with information regarding fertility, pregnancy, child birth, nursing, and healthy child-raising practices (It’s a full standalone documentary itself!)
  • How do the world’s healthiest populations conceive, carry, birth, and raise kids – and how does this compare to our practices in the modern world?
  • What impact does birth control have on the long-term health and ability to conceive for women in today’s modern world? (And what can be done about it)

Episode 7—Purpose, Gratitude, and Community: What All Healthy Societies Know That We Don’t

  • Covers topics such as stress, the autonomic nervous system, community, purpose, emotions and spirituality – and the role they all play in our physical health and longevity
  • Another often-overlooked, incredibly important factor in healthy aging and longevity – childhood trauma – is explored in detail (Shocking research!)
  • The healthy elders share their views on community, purpose, mindset, and spirituality – factors they believe are the most important of all!

Episode 8—Cancer & Alzheimer’s: How Centenarians Avoid Diseases of Aging

  • A mid-production addition to the series, this episode dives into the epidemics of chronic, degenerative diseases we’re seeing in the modern industrialized world (Cancer, Alzheimer’s/neurological diseases, and more)
  • What factors play strong roles in the development of chronic, and how do these healthy populations live long, healthy lives largely free from these conditions?
  • An empowering message of hope is shared by several experts and survivors who have healed themselves and helped others to heal from various lifestyle-based diseases

Episode 9—The Way Forward: Combining Ancient Wisdom with Modern Technology

  • Some health-positive modern technologies are introduced and explained, such as infrared, heart rate variability, and blue-light blocking glasses
  • The motivations and strategies behind the small nation-state of Guernsey’s effort to reach a life expectancy of 100 are explored
  • What is the way forward? How do we make the massive changes that are needed to reverse the downward spiral we’re currently seeing? Several thought-leaders, along with the healthy elders, offer solutions and an inspiring call-to-action and blueprint for change

It's up to us

As you can see – there isn’t a topic left uncovered in this powerful, desperately needed documentary series. Future generations depend on us making a shift, right now, in a powerful way. Tens of thousands of inspired and empowered people have already joined this movement – and we encourage you to join them!

Reserve your spot today to watch the Human Longevity Project! 

Are you interested in longevity and traditional health practices? Let us know in the comments!

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