Kevin Gianni Talks About FODMAPS (They Might Be the Reason You Think You’re Gluten Intolerant)

Kale and Coffee - Gluten

Today we have our third exclusive interview with Kevin Gianni, filmed right here in our office!

Why Are We Interviewing Kevin?

What we've seen with the Annmarie Skin Care community is that you're very devoted to health. It makes sense, given that you clearly care about what you put on your skin. (Plus, when you're healthy, your skin shows it.)

It's funny, because our team spends so much time researching and blogging about health topics, and all along we've had an expert right under our roof. Kevin has devoted many years of his life to learning about health, and he's really excited to share what he's learned with you.

Before co-founding Annmarie Skin Care, Kevin and Annmarie were traveling the world, interviewing experts and researching about health. They shared what they learned in blog articles and YouTube videos. They quickly gained a loyal following of people who were also looking for answers about their health.

What they found with a lot of things was that there wasn't a clear answer. Is it good to drink coffee? Yes, sometimes and for some types… Is salt bad for you? Not usually…

Like you may have done, Kevin changed his diet drastically, eating raw for several years, eliminating sugar for a whole year, even dabbling in paleo before reaching his current diet. He combines this personal experience with a wealth of in-depth research in his new book, Kale and Coffee.

Kale and Coffee

Kale and Coffee is a book that takes you on a journey. It's probably the most entertaining health book you'll ever read. And you'll also come away with new ideas about how to change your diet and lifestyle.

It's available on July 21st. Until then we're releasing interviews with Kevin, talking about some of the topics he covers in his book. Today we're talking gluten. It's a sticky subject these days…

Exclusive Interview: Gluten Intolerance and FODMAPS, According to Kevin Gianni

Our latest interview with Kevin covers the following:

  • Is gluten intolerance increasing, or are we just more aware of it?
  • The research on gluten and its effects on your health.
  • Is Kevin eating gluten now?

Get a Copy of Kale and Coffee

Kevin's book will take you along with him as he travels the world in pursuit of the ‘perfect diet.' Plus, at the end he gives you a 21 Day Jumpstart program to help you detoxify from some of your vices (and maybe even cut back a little).

To get a copy of Kevin's book Kale and Coffee, head straight to Amazon if you'd like to purchase it!

by Hope Freije

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  1. Courtney Sherman says

    Good information. Thanks for sharing. Is there a transcript of this interview with references the studies he mentioned?

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