Face Yoga: The Double Chin Lift

Face yoga

Yesterday we introduced you to our friend, Fumiko Takatsu.

Several years ago, Fumiko was involved in a car crash that left her with injuries on her face. It changed the way she looked, and she didn't like it.

To cope with this, she started doing facial exercises, aka “face yoga.” When she saw great results, she continued to make face yoga  a part of her daily life. She now teaches others to do the same.

It's really incredible the changes you can make to your face using Fumiko's method. Her exercises can help you reduce the appearance of wrinkles and give your face an overall more vibrant and youthful look.

Since Fumiko lives just a couple hours north of us, we invited her to come to our office and show us how to do a few poses. Today we have a video of her demonstrating the pose she calls “The Double Chin Lift.” Aptly named, this pose helps you tighten the look of your double chin.

The Double Chin Lift

Stay Tuned for 1 More Video

We have one last video from Fumiko that we'll be posting on the blog this week.

Fumiko also has an amazing program that teaches you all her face yoga poses and how to incorporate them for the best possible results. When you join her Face Yoga Method, you get access to dozens of her videos and other tools that help you get the results you want.

Click here to check out the Face Yoga Method

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  1. Claudia Previn says

    She specified how many times a day to do the double chin and binocular poses, but not the mini facelift — how many, please?

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