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We know that it looks like we’re always masking and laughing and having a great time together (we are) but we also work hard here. There are hours in our work days where you could hear a pin drop in our office—well, sort of… we all put our in-the-zone headphones on so what you actually hear is keyboard clicking and the soft thump of an ambient bass helping us keep pace with our minds.

And sometimes (read: often) that bass is a fast electronic song holding us at hyper-speed. Being a health conscious bunch we recognized that the energy vibration was feeling a little high strung. So we decided to bring in an expert.

That expert is Emily Fletcher with Ziva Meditation. A few of the team got together and followed her program and guess what. It worked. Though I can’t say that the music in our headphones has changed, we’re calmer, more focused and there are a lot more smiles around the office.

We gathered reviews from a few of the members to share with you.


I started my training on a Saturday morning! I was so excited to destress and did just that. I felt like it set my whole day up for success! I believe Emily when she says to avoid coffee before your sessions…because when Monday came around and I had already started my early morning with a cuppa, my meditation was a little bumpy. It always helps to have my mantra to fall back on but I did avoid caffeine the rest of the week before meditating.

By Wednesday my quality of sleep had improved. I am a night-time-racing-thoughts type and when I am regular with my zivaMIND practice it helps tremendously in controlling my that part of me. Manta…Mantra…Mantra…

I always shied away from meditating, not really knowing how to begin, where to begin, would it really help etc… but the way meditation is presented through zivaMIND makes it so accessible. I loved that Emily tells you to get comfortable, HAVE thoughts, and treat them as stress leaving the body. This whole program completely changed my perspective on meditating. It can be so much more personal than the ‘sit cross-legged, don't think, don't move or you fail' perception of meditation I had built in my head.

I am so grateful for my introduction to zivaMIND and all the positive benefits I have gained from it since.


I generally take time in the morning to drink tea and read the news, but to meditate in the morning definitely started my day off on a different note. A great note!

zivaMIND helps to create a soft beginning for my busy and sometimes stressful days. Setting aside time to decompress or set intention can be challenging, so having an easy yet powerful practice like Ziva is a definite perk.


I love love love it!
I think i've always felt like I couldn't meditate (or maybe meditate regularly) because it took a certain type of person to really delve into it/invest their time and energy into it/really believe in it, but i feel like zivaMIND allows the experience to be universally accessible—especially in the way that Emily constantly reminds us that little things we would think are the antithesis of meditating (like letting our minds wander a bit and having random thoughts) are very much a part of the process.


I tend to go into problem solving mode 100% so bringing it back to my mantra is really helpful for me. I’m even finding myself thinking of my mantra to center myself even when I’m not meditating.

zivaMIND is helping me to feel more grounded and reminding myself that it’s okay to come back to whatever I’m solving for later. I love how gentle the instruction is, especially while we’re learning what's right and what's distracting from the practice.

I've been in a lot of guided meditations that don't reassure beginners that it's okay to come in and out of focus or teach how to come back to the mantra or intention of the practice. This is definitely making it accessible and for those of us that think (and think, and think).


I really love all the tools available while doing zivaMIND. I printed out the meditation planner and found it very helpful to track my daily progress and set aside time in my day to meditate. The studies and concepts done around meditation also resonated with me during the program (such as the concept of PCCs which stands for “precognitive commitments”). As a result it helped me understand myself and my thoughts in a much deeper way during my daily practice.


I was in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy when I started zivaMIND. I was in prep mode—trying to get all of my work processes up to date so that the team members covering for me while I was on leave would know exactly what to do; trying to get the house clean, organized, and ready for baby; preparing my body for labor, delivery, and postpartum. I was stressed and a bit frazzled.

When I started the program I was afraid I wouldn't be able to commit fully because of everything I had on my plate. But—it was easy. I set aside 15 minutes in the morning and 15 in the evening to meditate. I've meditated in the past, but this was different because there was no pressure that I had to quiet my monkey mind—just a reminder to gently guide it back to the present moment. I began to feel more relaxed, at ease, less pressured. Instead of panicking at all of the tasks that laid before me, I was able to meet them head on, calmly. I have zivaMIND to thank for making my final trimester of pregnancy smoother and more peaceful while I was in nesting mode. I'd highly recommend it for anyone who is looking to feel centered and more at peace in their day to day life.

Want to know more about zivaMIND?

One common thread you'll notice throughout the team is how accessible the zivaMIND program is. If you're anything like us, you feel like a bad meditator because your mind is racing or you're easily distracted. Don't worry about it. There's no pressure to be perfect, there's no pressure to clear your mind, you're taught to use your mantra to help you release stress. While there are some best practices for meditation, it's probably not what you think.

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