How My Weight Loss Challenge Turned into a Self Love Journey

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The Annmarie Skin Care team has been taking on challenges to share our real experiences with you— trying out new health trends, wellness practices, and everything in between.

This year, our Influencer Program Manager, Rachel, has been on a weight loss journey to become the healthiest and happiest version of herself, and is sharing her first check in with you.

Have you ever had a time in your life when you embodied nothing short of confidence? Where you are always smiling, feeling beautiful inside and out? That was me. For the longest time I felt confident in myself, work, and in life.

A year ago I turned 40, and started noticing changes within myself. That smile I always carried was dimmier. I hid under layers. I constantly questioned the choices I was making.

Am I good mom? Am I a good wife? Am I pretty enough? Am I too fat? Is that person looking at me weird? My confidence and strength was shaken and I had no idea why.

Are you happy?

There’s a question that has been lingering in my head for the longest – are you happy? Are you living the best you? In December, I headed to California for our annual work holiday party. In having a conversation I was asked those exact questions. It stopped me in my tracks.

A minute passed, with a follow up question – what would it take for you to be happy living the best you? Hmm… it clicked. For about 4 years, I let the focus shift from me and my health to taking care of those around me.

This past year when I turned 40, I started missing that confidence I once felt.  I needed to be healthy and happy. This all started my journey for 2020. To be the healthiest and happiest version of myself. A challenge for sure but I was/am ready to take it on.

The challenge

My challenge started the first of the year. With everyone on board as my support team (when I say everyone I mean everyone – my colleagues, my family, my friends – support is important,) I was ready to jump in and go!

I felt doing this at home would be the best option with my schedule. I got a treadmill, heart monitor, and some good headphones – I mean who doesn’t like listening to some good music while working out?

30 day yoga challenge

I started with a 30 day Yoga challenge and a 6 week workout program. I instantly fell in love with Yoga. It helped clear my mind and my muscles have never been happier.

My 6 week workout program was hard but I battled through and plan to do it again. I also focused on eating clean – which my husband absolutely loved too!

Observations throughout the challenge

Although everyday is a challenge and I have moments of weakness, I still push forward.

A few things I have noticed over the past 2 months… Cacao powder is a god send! I use it in my shakes, coffee, made healthy snacks with it and it does wonders to curve that sugar craving.

If I miss a day of yoga my muscles are screaming at me and my mind gets a little muffled.

When I work out daily my energy levels are high and I feel incredibly confident and sexy. Can I say that? Sexy. Heck yes, I feel sexier than I have in a long time.

finding myself again

Even though it has only been 2 months, taking those moments throughout the day to focus on me, my health, and my wellbeing has been nothing short of amazing. I feel prettier, my smile is becoming brighter, and my energy is finding itself again.

Here’s the thing…we called this a challenge, which it is. It’s a challenge everyday to make those right choices. The reality is this is more of a journey. Everyday I have to be mindful and not beat myself up over making a mistake. Learning to trust myself, listen to myself, and believe in myself has been a huge win. The confidence is starting to surface again.

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  1. Vivian says

    Dear Rachel,
    Thank you for sharing the first two months of your journey! It is very relatable! And what is wonderful is that by taking care of you everyone else is also benefiting! Good healthy food and a happier you!
    You brought up some great questions fir me to reflect on: Are you happy? Are you living the best you? What would it take to be that best you?
    I am going through this phase to start my own business which I believe might be the best me but it’s a journey that has flipped my world around—and often makes me question is this the best? It’s a great idea to get the support team behind you. I will do this in a more conscious way.
    Thanks for the inspiration! And you go girl🏃🏻‍♀️💪🏼!

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