Face Yoga is Back, This Time with a Derma Roller that We Love!

Face Yoga Method Derma Roller

To stay informed, we spend time using, reading, and learning about different types of skin care. It starts with reading studies about ways to work on something like dark spots or sagging skin. We find a product we want to try and then whittle down the list to include companies that resonate with our mission of being honest, Earth-focused, and health-conscious.

Our most recent curiosity is microneedling. A standard microneedling procedure is done by a professional using a specialized device to make tiny pin pricks in the skin. It is said to cause a small amount of trauma to the skin to promote healing for dark spots and sagging skin. The professional procedure penetrates deeply into the skin and it can be a costly procedure to have done on a consistent basis so Face Yoga Method developed their at-home derma roller. It has smaller needles than the professionals use and it can be used more frequently.

We have worked with Face Yoga Method before when Fukimo came to our office and made a couple of Face Yoga videos with our team and we loved working with them so much that we knew we didn’t need to look further to find the perfect company to work with.

A few people on our team tried their derma roller and compared notes. What we found is that it is absolutely wonderful for blemish-free skin but it isn’t the product we would suggest for people that work with problem skin and that people with sensitive skin should be careful not to press too hard.

What is a Derma Roller?

The derma roller is a small, handheld gadget that has tiny needles around a drum that is made to roll slowly along the skin. I know what it sounds like but I promise this isn’t a torture device, it’s a skin care implement! It is easy to use and you can feel the effects right away. It shouldn’t hurt, but it does make your skin feel a bit warm and turn a pinkish color in the areas where it’s used which should subside within a few hours.

To use:

The derma roller is super easy to use! Just roll it lightly but firmly across the skin in a star-shaped pattern. First upward, then left to right, then make an X in the same area. The best thing to remember is to lift up the roller after every roll so that it doesn’t scratch your skin. Use it 3-4 times on each cheek and your forehead.

You can start to see results within a couple of days and up to a week. Face Yoga Method suggests a weekly regimen for people with normal skin, and a biweekly or monthly routine for sensitively skinned folks.

The Face Yoga Method Derma Roller has two different attachments, large and small. The smaller one is for use on facial skin and the larger one is made to use on body skin.

Products to Use After the Derma Roller

After you use the derma roller, your skin will be more sensitive than it typically is. We suggest working with hydrating serums that have hyaluronic acid and vitamin C for a couple of days afterwards.

Our Citrus Stem Cell Serum is a wonderful product to work with for 2-3 days after each treatment. After that, you can return to your typical routine of organic, natural products but if you decide to continue work with the dermaroller, we do suggest adding the Citrus Stem Cell Serum or the Wild Fruit Serum to your regular routine to give your skin the nourishing hydration it needs.

Have you tried the Face Yoga Method Derma Roller? What did you think?

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