Siliceous Earth, Pure Minerals that Support a Firm Look

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Siliceous earth is a purified form of “silica,” which naturally occurs in nature and rocks and is known to contribute to the health of skin, hair, and bones. Horsetail, which I posted about earlier, is also a good source of silica, but siliceous earth has additional benefits because of its unique form.

Siliceous earth + dead sea clay makes a soothing, nutritious facial massage.

A Little Bit About the Ingredient Itself

Siliceous earth is a general term including both diatomaceous earth (diatomite) and radiolarian earth (radiolarite)—natural soil or mineral products composed of fossils and other elements. In cosmetics, siliceous earth is a purified form of silica, obtained by diluting and filtering pure silica, which is a white powder that is present in 12 percent of rocks. Sand is also a silica.

Food sources of silica include green beans, apples, onions, raw cabbage, strawberries, celery, cucumber, peanuts, pumpkin, honey, unrefined grains, asparagus and rhubarb.

Benefits to the Skin

We included siliceous earth in my Dead Sea Facial scrub because its natural properties work so well in a mask-like application. Because of its abrasiveness, it immediately helps to exfoliate and polish the look of your skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and tingling. Silica is also known for being an absorbent, so while you sit back and relax, it helps absorb impurities on your skin, leaving it deeply cleansed.

In addition, the more you use the scrub, the more the siliceous earth helps tone, creating a firm, lifted look. This ingredient also has a reputation for helping those with sensitive skin.

Finally, silica is an important ingredient in your anti-aging regimen. The mineral naturally enhances your look, keeping skin looking supple and youthful.

Dead Sea Facial Scrub

In our Dead Sea Facial Scrub, I’ve combined siliceous earth with Dead Sea Clay, both mineral powerhouses that nourish and feed your skin while softening and polishing. Use either as a 1-2 minutes scrub, or as a mask you leave on for 15-30 minutes.

Have you tried siliceous earth in your skin care treatments? What did you think?

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