Soundtrack to Your Self Care: What Podcasts We’re Listening To


Podcasts seem to be in everyones ear buds these days, and for a good reason. What better way to multi-task than by plugging in and getting your news and entertainment directly in your ear as you go about your day?

What are you listening to?

We reached out to the Annmarie Skin Care community and asked them to share their favorite podcasts with us. With such an eclectic audience, from the health junkies, to the hippies, to the skin care gurus, we knew we'd get a riveting range of responses. We've compiled a few of your answers for this list—so if you're looking from some new listening recommendations, look no further!

health is wealth

My favorite podcasts are Better Everyday With Sarah and Dr Brooke and The Energy Blueprint with Ari Whitten.

Dr Brooke is soooo smart, she knows so much and Sarah is so real and raw! Such a great team together!

Ari has so many great guests on his podcast with a wealth of knowledge in all areas of health. I love how he challenges his guests in a nice way and asks the questions that his listeners would ask if they were there. His focus is on fatigue, which I think most of us battle.

—Noel T.

Good for the soul

I’ve only recently become enamored with the world of podcasts, but already I’ve found several that I really love.

Here I will recommended three that are especially impactful in my life

The first one is The Melissa Ambrosini Podcast. She is uplifting to the max, has fabulous interviews with a wide range of individuals, and just such a positive outlook. Her podcast is definitely inspiring, and leaves you smiling.

So my next recommendation will be The Soultalk Podcast, with Kute Blackson. He is an incredibly inspiring human, who really asks you to get in touch with your true self. Amazing.

The third show is my favorite, and definitely the most life changing. It is called the Cabral Concept, with Dr. Stephen Cabral. He is a naturopath, functional medicine, and Ayurvedic practitioner, and has SO much to offer. He has literally changed my best friend’s life, who for over a year has been suffering from undiagnosed extreme fatigue and environment reactions. With just one podcast she is on the right path to healing. He has over 900 episodes, and so much amazing content, it’s endlessly inspiring.

I hope you find these recommendations as amazing as I do!

—Chillia Z. 

the inspiring and the heart-wrenching

Without a doubt, my favorite one is Ear Hustle. An artist who volunteers at San Quentin Prison works with a team of prisoners to tell stories of life inside prison walls. The stories are honest, funny, heart-wrenching, insightful, sad, uplifting, inspiring.

They may be incarcerated, but they're still living life, finding meaning, learning about themselves, improving themselves. They tell fascinating stories of a human experience that otherwise go untold.

I hope you give it a listen.


For the foodies

I am currently listening to Dr. Mark Hyman's weekly Wednesday podcast called The Doctor's Farmacy.  While his podcast has a focus on health, wellness and Functional Medicine, but how our eating habits, the practices of the food industry affect our health, but the health of the planet.  It's very informative and I am learning a lot.

—Debra Jean

Wellness quick hits

My favorite podcasts are:

Creative Life
SuperSoul Conversations
Big Questions
Tim Ferriss
On Being
From the Heart
Rewilding for Women

Hope it inspires you!


What are your favorite podcasts? Share with us in the comments!

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  1. Shawna says

    Thank you for all the wonderful suggestions. Some great discoveries here! I was recently remarking on how I’ve saturated myself in intensive topics (environmental, political, health etc) and it all get a bit stressful or heavy. A friend suggested perhaps more humor is needed to help balance the load. So I’m wondering: anyone have podcast favs which are humorous, comical and make-you-laugh funny!? Ideally this would be “healthy” humor, not dark or course 🙂

  2. Jill Shelley says

    The podcasts I submitted weren’t put on here for some reason so I will list them again:

    Gretchen Rubin’s Happier (This is my hands down favorite podcast. Two sisters chatting each week about life hacks, tips, and just some great ways to have a better more productive and happier life.)

    Something You Should Know (Every Monday and Thursday… the great host who does not interrupt or talk unnecessarily, interviews mostly authors. I always learn something new here.)

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