New Year’s Resolutions from the Annmarie Skin Care Team

new year's resolutions

Every year we look back and say, “Wow! We accomplished a lot this year!” but I think it’s safe to say that 2016 has been one of the busiest years we’ve had! Our team has grown full of amazing people, each of us specialized in our interests and our roles here but in 2016 year we focused on interdisciplinary communication, which has allowed us to work smarter not harder, and let us get a whole lot more done.

Here’s a Few of our Favorite Highlights from the Year:

We released the first of our (hopefully) annual limited edition product with the Spring Forest Body Scrub, where our in-house Graphic Designer (the amazing Chandra Oh!) created a label based on the essence of lavender.

Then, we won a Localwise award for best coworkers! They told us that they chose us as winners because everyone on our team that wrote in about it gushed about how much we love each other!


2016’s Team Retreat was the best one yet. We extended it by a day and got to spend time laughing with our whole team—FYI this group of people and the extended Cards Against Humanity deck is pretty hilarious.

In the summertime, the team gardened together and made our office cozy. We added to our team and said bittersweet goodbyes to some much-loved team members that moved on from our workflow to follow their dreams. After some shifting and settling, we geared up for fall. Because fall was a big deal.

We rolled out our longest-term project yet with our new eco-friendly labels, boxes, and inserts, giving our line a whole new look. It’s sleek, gorgeous and completely different than anything we have ever done before.

Then we released the first product in our luxury line, the Wild Fruit Serum – Brightening Facial Complex. Wow is that an amazing product we’re thrilled to share with you! Lightening, brightening, hydrating, nourishing—this serum does it all.

We then released our reformulated and SPF tested sunscreen, Sun Love. Which is awesome at the 20 SPF for everyday sun protection and the oil-focused formula makes it a wonderful moisturizing product too.

We wrapped up the year with our Holiday Party. We made cookies together and then we had the team and our friends over to celebrate the holidays with our beautiful decorated pine tree (as we like to call it.)
new year's resolutions

See what I mean? It was a busy year but we’re on a roll and we can’t stop now! Here’s what 2017 has in store for us.

Ringing in the 2017 Calendar Year with Resolutions!

Our company goals for 2017 are the same as they are every year. We’re excited to continue offering clean products (and making them even better), we want to add at least one new product to our line, work on our second limited edition products, and as always, we want to cultivate our team culture.

The team got together (by that, I mean we had an email thread) and we all shared our personal 2017 goals. As different as we all are, it's amazing how similar many of our personal New Year’s Resolutions are! Here’s what the team shared!


  • Travel out of the country, destination unknown… Maybe Thailand or Japan 🙂
  • See one of my favorite artists who I haven't seen before in concert
  • Find a way to volunteer & assist the homeless
  • Get into a new hobby


  • Practicing effective time management (with a new baby this will be crucial)
  • Not stressing too hard over the small things, or things I can't control
  • Getting back into my fitness/yoga routine—and cranking it up a notch!
  • Learning how to be a really chill mom
  • Progressing in the marketing field via online courses/conferences/books/etc


  • Get back into yoga/find what feels best to move my body.
  • Cut waaaay back on sugar. Way back.
  • Learn how to speak Spanish.
  • Enjoy being in the moment and spending the spring/summer with my 9 year old son and new baby once she arrives.
  • Continue to put my marriage first and do whatever is needed to strengthen the bond my husband and I have.
  • MEDITATE. At least 3-4 times/week.


I def want to get back into yoga (did my first lil sesh this morning), I of course always am trying to cut out sugar a lil bit more, I want to learn to speak Spanish, and was just saying the other day that I would love to start meditating more frequently.

Sooo, to ball that all up into something else-

Take time to enjoy the little things, spend more time outdoors, move my body at least once a day, and take it eeeeeeasy.


  • Do a bone broth cleanse in January
  • Start an intense work out routine (core40, yoga, cycling and hiking/running Rodeo Beach mornings – WEEKLY, no excuses)
  • Go to Japan
  • Commit 6 months to assisting the Elderly in SF (in progress….!)
  • Take a class in Cosmetic Chemistry
  • Call my parents more often to tell them I love and appreciate them <3


  • Delve deeper into my herbal life both with the Herbal Path school and to start taking clients.
  • To take my camping vacation to New Mexico in July/August.
  • To start looking into/planning/saving up for a larger international trip to study natural medicine with healers in Africa


  • Staying on the exercise and health train. Yoga, cycling, hiking, HIIT, and trying some new classes. 🙂
  • Starting a better morning routine and daily devotional.
  • Go to England to visit family and visit somewhere warm.
  • Continue to strengthen my marriage and taking time to have date nights with my husband.
  • Take a photography class.


  • Start a savings account to go to Ireland with Bae.
  • Do waaaayyy more squats. Squat City.
  • Start a daily devotional and wake up early for a routine morning practice.
  • CHILL, CHILL, CHILL about things I cannot control and lead by example.
  • Self-awareness and intention to be kind, generous and loving.


  • Be present more, with kids, hubby, and anyone I am in conversation with.
  • Continue to work on my patience with kiddos, with anyone
  • Continue to grow my relationships (Kev, kids, friends, family, and all of you)
  • Continue to work on my physical and mental health, with yoga and boot camps, add in some running, lighten up on grains and sugar, balance out my hormones, make healthy meals with family and take more time for me.
  • Continue to declutter our home
  • Start to teach Hudson how to read
  • Travel to Italy with Kev for our 10yr Anniversary.
  • Allow myself to be more vulnerable
  • Get out of my head
  • Run a race


I want to…

  • Become more of a morning person and dedicate that time to checking in, meditation, exercise, setting intentions, etc.
  • Get outside more. Plan some backpacking trips.
  • Be less hard on myself
  • Mindful sugar intake
  • Stay politically engaged and active
  • develop a creative practice
  • Run a race, too! I've got a 5k in April, cha!


  • Consume less meat and eat healthier in general
  • Run a race before the end of 2017
  • Create a workout routine and stick to it (4-5x a week)
  • Start side projects… even if I don't complete them, getting back into creating in my free time will be good for me
  • Practice forgiveness
  • Practice generosity
  • Practice courageousness

We would absolutely love to hear about your personal 2017 goals! Tell us about them in the comments below.

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