Our 2018 Organic City Guide Roundup

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We like to think our city guides are a little different here at Annmarie Skin Care. Since our company's focus is on organic, healthy lifestyles, so are our city guides.

Every month, we share a different organic guide to some of our favorite cities. These are just a few of our favorites from 2018!

organic new york

new york, new york

If you're looking for a guide for all things organic, health, and wellness oriented in NYC, look no further. We're giving you the definitive Organic Guide to New York!

A few of our favorite spots

Le Botaniste— Organic wines? Vegan bowls? An emphasis on food as medicine? We're SO obsessed. Le Botaniste is an apothecary-inspired counter serve style restaurant featuring vegan, organic bowls, juices & natural wines.

Apotheke— A self proclaimed “cocktail apothecary,” Apotheke is a bar like no other. Mixologists wear pharmacist style coats in the speakeasy style bar, fitting in with the cocktail chemistry vibe. All of their drinks are prepared with local and organic produce from local greenmarkets or picked straight from their rooftop herb garden.

ONDA Beauty— ONDA is a mecca for clean beauty! With countless brands that fall in the clean and organic sphere of wellness, ONDA is definitely a spot to visit for all you skin care junkies. You can also book a facial or massage treatment at their storefront.

kansas city, missouri

We couldn't forget about the midwest, so say hello to Kansas City, Missouri. Not only is it home to some tasty organic eats, museums and so much more, but it's also home to our fabulous Influencer Account & PR Manager—so we're excited to share some tips from a true local.

a few of our favorite spots

Cafe Gratitude—We love this vegan cafe, not just for their tasty eats, but because they have put a lot of effort and thought into making the cafe sustainable. You can see this effort throughout the cafe: the reclaimed wood tables came from the torn down walls on the second floor of the cafe and a local farm in Kansas.

Hand & Land—We love our stockists! Looking to pick up some Annmarie Skin Care product in Kansas City? Look no further than Hand & Land. This shop is flowing with the daily necessities for living a natural, simple and thoughtful lifestyle.

The Laya Center—This is our type of self care. This New-Age Spa specializes natural restoration therapies, herbal medicine, and mindful movement.

austin, texas

Although we're California based (for the most part!), the Annmarie Skin Care team sure loves Austin. The city is teeming with activities, sight seeing, live music, and food. So. Much. Food.

A few of our favorite spots

Citizen Eatery—With a completely meat-free menu, and vegan and gluten free options, Citizen Eatery is heaven on earth for those with dietary restrictions. They serve breakfast all day, which makes it the perfect spot for one of those late-morning brunches.

Tacodeli—Breakfast tacos. We can't resist. Tacodeli has a build-your-own breakfast taco option, which we love. Plus, their ingredients are all organic and sourced locally, and their meats are certified humane.

Milk + Honey Spa—Milk + Honey offers everything from massages and body treatments, to facials, to waxing, and more. Plus, they use organic and natural ingredients as often as possible, which we love.

los angeles, california

We're based in Berkeley, but a lot of our team members hale from California's best known city—Los Angeles. When we told the team about this city guide, they literally (as literally as you can on the internet) bum-rushed the suggestions sheet.

a few of our favorite spots

Erewhon—Feast your eyes on the most beautiful and mindful natural foods store in LA. They have every options for every dietary preference, be it: organic, raw, vegan, paleo, gluten free – and every thing there is of the highest quality

Sage—An entirely plant based restaurant with an extensive menu. They have everything from mac & cheese, pizza, fish & chips, to ice cream—all vegan and all delicious.

Wi Spa —A co-ed Korean spa with multiple stories. A day there comes with access to all of the hot tubs, salted saunas, and steam rooms your heart desires. If you want a more luxurious experience, they offer scrubs, massages, facials etc.

Where did you travel this year? Share in the comments below!

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