Our New Year’s Resolutions (Plus Some Photos From our Holiday Party!)

Holiday Party

Goal setting is a common theme in our office. We're on the talkative side, constantly divulging and updating each other about our food cravings, relationship stories, weekend plans, and general musings. So it's natural for us to talk about the ways we want to improve ourselves in 2015.

During our holiday party, we had an astrologer come and give us intuitive tidbits about our lives. This got us chatting about our dreams, goals, new year's resolutions…whatever you want to call them. We talked about what we want to do better in 2015. It was really inspiring to hear what everyone is working on!

Here's what some of our team members said when we asked: What are your new year's resolution for 2015?


1. Find and celebrate joy each and every day
2. Be grateful for my healthy and functional body (in its new state of being as I enter “mid-life,” as the astrologer said, ha!)
3. Appreciate and value my unique journey (my past) and stay more consistently present in each moment.
4. Trust that the universe will provide me with what I need to move forward with my dreams: stable job, career transition, vibrant health, love and partnership, fun and freedom to create more music, travel, and be a lifelong learner.


1. buy a car!! I've never owned anything bigger than a bed before 🙂
2. Move the heck out of downtown san francisco. I need more space, nature, peace and quiet… and maybe a puppy.


My main 2015 goal is to refine my diet plan to something that really works for me.

Earlier this year, I tried to set the goal of “changing my diet,” and it was really freaking hard. So I thought up this plan to help myself to have more energy and feel healthier:

“I will start by cleaning out my cupboards and continue by checking the ingredients on the products that I buy to make sure that there aren't added sugars and trans fats. I will try to eat breakfast every morning to start my metabolism early and I will try not to eat protein at night so that my body can rest and not be digesting food that it will store as fat. When I go out to eat, I will choose healthy options and not over-eat.”

There has to be a legitimate plan for most resolutions to be successful, so mapping out a real plan with action items has helped me succeed.

I also want to continue working on my apothecary, to be able to make space for helping the couple of clients that I have, finish my first year of herbalism school, and start in my 2nd year.


I think I will attempt to not eat sugar.


My intention for 2015 is to keep on track with my self care each day. This means: exercising 5 times/week (running/yoga), eating nourishing foods, limiting sugar, taking epsom salt baths 3 times/week. reading a good book before bed each night, going to bed by 10pm, and really tuning into what my body's asking for – and giving it what it desires. Maybe adding in monthly massages as a special treat to myself?? 🙂 I want to develop a stronger friendship and connection with myself in order to be my highest and best self. It's the year of Lisa in my world. 🙂

Holiday Party
A closer look at our awesome henna designs!


My new years resolutions are to take better care of myself, namely to stop smoking, and to cook more and eat more whole foods. Oh, and I'm gonna start going to yoga at least once a week.


1. My main goal is to get back to my pre Hudson physically fit body. I don't care so much about the pounds, I just want to have my strength and stamina back! Being fit will help me to be an amazing role model for our kids, not to mention being able to keep up with them! Exercise also helps builds confidence has always increased my creatively and performance in other aspects of my life. So I know not only will I be fit, I will also be opening doors to endless possibilities 🙂

To achieve my goal, I will start by joining a post natal yoga class and walking Hudson home from school 3 days a week. Then I will increase it to walking everyday, maybe even doing a family track day once a week (Kev, Hudson and I have done a few of them before Basil came along). Then come January, I will hire a personal trainer for a little while to help me really kick start my new routine!

2. Keep my relationships strong. In the past I have not always been the best at cultivating friendships and keeping in contact with old friends and even family members. I plan on doing a better job at that in the next coming year and in the future. Building relationships is so important as we all know! And especially when you are a new mother, it is nice to have outlets—someone to talk to when things get overwhelming, someone to trust if you need help (it takes a village to raise a family!), and someone who can take you out and remind you that fun adult times still exist and are still possible! Plus, that will also set a good example for the kids (wow, it's still so weird to say kids!).

To work towards this, I will try to call one long distance friend or relative at least once a month. I will block out a spot in my calendar to make time for that. I will also have weekly Skype calls with my parents and in-laws so we can catch up and they can see the kids (and visa versa). I will also try to write letters and send cards and pictures more often. We have a ton of Hudson's art work from school, so I will start mailing them to his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and great-grandparents once a month (again, this will go on the calendar).

3. Learn to crochet! So a needle, yarn and lessons is going on my Christmas list. 😉 Meeting once a month with a friend who is also learning will help me achieve this goal!


1. Stop losing things. Mostly debit cards. I said goodbye to a few of those in 2014. To achieve this, I am going to be more conscious when I take my card out of my wallet and go about things more slowly as to not let details pass me by.

2. Use less packaging when I grocery shop. I want to bring my own bags and shop from the bulk bins to avoid buying food packaged in future trash. I will bring containers and buy cheese straight from the deli so it's not wrapped, and will avoid any produce that is prepackaged. I also want to get a good on-the-go coffee cup so I can stop bringing more disposable cups into the world.

3. My last goal for 2015 is to feed my creative side more. I am going to take a ceramics class and work on more projects to beautify my house and room.


Sleep more. Read more. Less work. Spend more time with family.

We love Kevin's straight to the point nature! LOL.

For more photos of us celebrating the holidays, see this blog post. 🙂

What are your new year's resolutions or goals? Tell us in the comments below!

by Hope Freije

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