How-To: Sign Up for Our SMS Notifications


So, you’re on our email list, maybe you’re an insider, but have you signed up for our SMS notifications? SMS notifications are texts, straight to your phone. It’s our simple, no frills way of keeping you in the loop and giving you exclusive access to deals before they drop.

Why Sign Up for SMS Notifications?

We’ll only text you when it’s something really good. Promise. You’ll receive announcements about new products and sitewide sales the day before. We want to make sure our most dedicated customers stay up to date and have access to our best deals.

How to Sign Up

It’s simple, with these instructions!

1—Text ANNMARIE to +1 (510) 210 9202

2—Once you do so, you should receive a message back confirming you’ve opted in

3—You’re all set to receive seamless access to exclusive, for-your-eyes-only information.

Are you signed up for our SMS notifications? We'd love some feedback – let us know how you like them below!

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