How to Repair Damaged Skin—Naturally

natural skin repair crystals

Take a look in the mirror. If you’re lucky, you may see mostly even-toned, soft, smooth, and taut skin. If you’re like most of us, however, you’ll probably see some uneven pigmentation, a few age spots, redness,  acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, and sagging.

All of these so-called “flaws” are evidence of damaged skin. Just like a brand new car gradually loses that shiny sheen and becomes etched, dulled, rusted, scratched, and marked, our skin gets worn by exposure to the sun and environmental elements, and because of the changes that occur inside us as we age.

Question: Can we repair any of this damage?

Answer: With the right ingredients and care, yes!

What Creates Damaged Skin?

When we’re young, our skin is much better able to heal itself. Remember how when you were ten years old, a scrape or scratch would nearly disappear by the next day? As we get older, however, the time it takes skin to heal gradually stretches out, which means that damage can show on our skin for months at a time.

Meanwhile, skin continues to face damaging elements, so it’s in a constant cycle of trying to heal itself—and may be less able to keep up with the demands.

natural skin repair

factors that cause damage

As we go about our daily lives, there are several things that can damage the skin. These include:

•    Sun exposure—this is by far the number-one damaging element
•    Harsh weather elements (wind, rain, cold, heat)
•    Environmental pollution
•    Dehydration
•    Cigarette smoke
•    Exposure to harsh and drying chemicals in personal care products
•    Poor diet
•    Lack of exercise
•    Excessive use of alcohol and drugs
•    Stress
•    Chlorine in swimming pools
•    Bacteria, infections and medical trauma

All of these factors and more can lead to a breakdown in skin cells, which weakens the outer, protective layer, called the “epidermis.” Once this layer is weakened, cracked, and damaged, the skin becomes even more vulnerable to attack from bacteria, UV rays, pollution, and more. It also becomes less efficient at holding onto hydration and nutrients.

The immune system comes into play here, as well. Just like your body needs nutrients, sleep, and stress relief to maintain a strong immune system, your skin requires the same tools to keep up with repair and protect itself from other damaging elements. The more damaged it is, however, the less able the immune system is able to keep up. In fact, the skin’s ability to self-repair can decline by more than 50 percent by middle age.

Signs of damaged skin

This difficult cycle means that skin damage shows up in your mirror. You’re likely to see these signs:

•    Dryness, flakiness, dullness
•    Fine lines and wrinkles
•    Hyperpigmentation, acne scars, sun spots
•    Moles and freckles
•    Sagging, bagging, loss of elasticity and firmness
•    Redness, swelling and inflammation
•    Rashes and allergic reactions
•    Visible blood vessels

Internal Ways to Encourage Skin Repair

Fortunately, there are ways to help repair and even reverse skin damage. The key is to take steps both internally and externally to support the skin’s own reparative systems. A few things you can do in your diet and lifestyle include:

natural skin repair

Eat vitamin-C-rich foods

…like citrus fruits, mustard greens, spinach, and peppers. Vitamin C is essential for the production of collagen, which shores up skin structure and increases firmness.

Eat more protein

Protein is key for rebuilding cells. Try fish, lean meats, eggs, tofu, beans, and nuts.

Turn up the zinc

Zinc aids the body in synthetizing protein, helps generate collagen for skin-tissue repair, and supports the immune system. Try fish, soybeans, whole-grain pastas, mushrooms, and egg yolks.

Cut out the junk

Junk food isn’t good for your body, which means it isn't good for your skin. Too much sugar, salt, and trans fats all contribute to dryness and cell break down, resulting in premature aging and skin damage. Healthy foods show up on your skin!

natural skin repair dandelion

Dandelion tea

This helps detox your system, and fewer toxins means fewer outbreaks of acne and other unattractive skin issues.

Drink plenty of water

Your skin needs it to stay hydrated from the inside out.

Reduce the chemicals

Check your foods and cleaning products for potentially harmful chemicals, and choose natural and organic items as often as you can to lower the toxic buildup in your system.

Exercise daily

Exercise is just as good for your body as it is for the rest of your skin, as it gets the blood pumping nutrients where they’re needed for skin repair. Plus, it naturally gives you a healthy glow.

natural skin repair meditation

Try meditation

Meditation, yoga, journaling, tai chi, art therapy, time with a pet, or whatever works for you to calm the body and mind.

External Ways to Encourage Skin Repair

What if you’re doing everything right as far as your diet and lifestyle goes, but you still have skin damage? (Most of us do, by the way!) Then, you need to turn to topical solutions to help reduce that skin damage and encourage skin to repair itself.

Fortunately, research has shown us that certain natural ingredients are stars when it comes to repairing, healing, and reversing skin damage. We’ll be talking more about these in future posts, but for now, here’s a quick glance:

Plant stem cells

These are truly on the cutting edge of new science in skin care. Research has found that some plant stem cells have the capacity to help stimulate the proliferation of human stem cells. That means that when they’re applied to human skin, they help stimulate new cell growth. These new cells then go to work repairing and restoring damaged tissues, creating smoother, softer, younger-looking skin.

Pro tip: our Citrus Stem Cell Serum is packed with plant stem cells that deliver vibrant skin.

Superoxide dismutase (SOD)

This is a powerful enzyme found in skin that is key for the formation of “fibroblasts,” which are the cells that produce collagen and other connective fibers that give skin's appearance it’s shape and firmness. SOD is also a powerful antioxidant which is one of the main things we need to make skin look younger.

Vitamin C

This is anti-aging vitamin works externally as well! Not only is it a powerful antioxidant that protects your skin from damage, but it also is critical in the formation of collagen, which helps smooth the appearance of wrinkles and firm skin.


This herb has shown in studies to encourage healthy skin, as well as to be effective against some skin-irritating bacterias —both things that can help prevent damaged skin. It’s also been shown in studies to inhibit the type of free radicals that cause damage from UVA/UVB radiation.


This oil is supports skin repair and rejuvenation. It also has been shown to help fade the appearance of age spots and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Uva Ursi

Also known as “bearberry,” this plant has been shown in studies to help shrink and tighten membranes in the body—which means that pores appear smaller. Even more exciting, however, is that this is a natural source of hydroquinone—a powerful lightening ingredient to help fade dark spots.

Licorice Root

Studies have shown that this herb is effective with a number of skin conditions. It can also provide a natural lightening action, reducing the appearance of age spots.

Amla berry

This berry is a great source of vitamin C, which means it helps protect skin. Amla berries also help calm skin and shrink the appearance of pores. Most exciting is its ability to stimulate collagen production and restore skin's appearance of firmness.

sea buckthorn

Sea Buckthorn berry oil

This oil naturally relieves dry patches of skin, and is full of fatty acids that help restore plumpness and smoothness. It also has a reputation for helping to promote rejuvenation and keeping skin moisturized.

How Do I Get All These Benefits?

Of course, knowing which herbs and ingredients are likely to help repair skin damage and restore a more youthful appearance is all well and good, but then what do you do? Do you have to go out and buy all these ingredients yourself and try to figure out a way to mix them together?

Fortunately not! Our (aptly named) Citrus Stem Cell Serum has all of these ingredients, with an aloe vera juice base that absorbs right into your skin, bringing all the benefits with it.

When used everyday, morning and night for a month, this serum can help you fade discoloration to reveal even-toned, radiant skin. You might even find yourself wanting to ditch your foundation.

Don't turn to harsh, toxic ingredients like hydroquinone. We're telling you, these are natural ingredients that really work.

Do you suffer from skin damage? Please share your story.


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  1. ADEDOYIN says

    Hi, my name is Adedoyin, a 33 years old Nigerian, before now my skin was glowing but for the past two years i have been suffering from skin discoloration. can i use this serum to bring my skin back to normal and can i keep using this serum alone without mixing it with any cream, if so how can i get it. im in Lagos, Nigeria.

    Hope to hear from you soonest

  2. Annmarie Skin Care says

    Hi Chris,
    We’re sorry to hear that you’re having a difficult time.
    We would suggest working with a very simple and nourishing routine. Something like this:
    1/ Aloe-Herb Cleanser
    2/ Unscented Facial Oil
    Then a couple of times a week, work with the Coconut Honey Mask.
    We hope you feel better soon!

  3. Michael adu says

    I had acne on my face when I was young but now its gone but it left a bit of swollen on my face,please I want to know what I can do to get rid of the swollen on of my face

  4. Nancy says

    Hi, I have the same problem Mimi mentioned on March 20th. Itching all over and skin is damaged because of it. Not sure of the source of itching. Is your product something you have found that helps with this or is it more for acne?

    Last thing I want to do is purchase another product that doesn’t work.

    Thank you

    • Annmarie Skin Care says

      Hi Nancy,

      If you’re having a lot of itching, it’s possible that you’re experiencing an internal allergy. We would suggest working with a holistic practitioner to see if they could be helpful for identifying what could be triggering that itching. Our products may be helpful for you, but since everyone’s skin is different we’re not able to say whether it would be an answer for this or not.

    • Annmarie Skin Care says

      Hi Nancy,

      We don’t have a product that we suggest specifically for itching. If you’re feeling itchy all over, it could be something internal that’s showing up on the skin. We would suggest visiting a holistic healer to see if they might have some suggestions for you.

  5. Elleta says

    Hi there! I’m not a skin professional, but have you tried aerobic exercises? Exercising helps to excrete toxins due to mild sweating. Get moving and get your heart pumping daily until you break a sweat. Drink plenty of water and some dandelion tea to help flush out the toxins. After exercising be sure to wash your face with a moisturizing wash like raw honey and after patting dry apply some jojoba oil as a moisturizer. The stuff you were putting on your skin was straight up chemicals chemicals which is why it caused so much drying and damage to the skin cells. Our bodies are AMAZING! They have the ability to heal, it just takes time. Let me know how it goes in a couple of weeks. If anything, maybe you can use their Citrus Stem Cell Serum as well, I haven’t used it myself but it couldn’t hurt given that it’s all natural. I hope to hear from you soon! Keep your head up! 🙂

  6. shenxhan says

    My skin is damaged form Harsh weather elements (wind),I have clean my face with water and I slept when I woke up in the morning is dried. skin, I was blushed. and ashamed to go out in the street, has become completely red with the damange and, dried.
    i think that he is form wind.

  7. brijesh says

    I have dermititis for last 10 years due scratch skin become thick and dmaged . I need some opinion I am now use coconut oil .

  8. Peace o says

    Pls I need ur advice, I recently noticed that my back is looking burnt and black were as am fare, I had this issue like 3years back but it went and came back again. What do u think I do.
    Secondly I want to know it’s healthy for my skin for me to add honey and lemon to my every day body cream since there are known for there healing power

  9. Annmarie Skin Care says

    Hi Megan,

    We can certainly help chat with you about what could be going on. Send us an email at [email protected] with some information about what you’re experiencing with your skin and we’ll help you figure out how to improve it!


  10. Annmarie Skin Care says

    Hi Linda,

    Thanks for this question. While you could (and should) take care of your skin, what you’re experiencing is going on within your blood vessels and isn’t actually a skin issue. Any time there is capillaries involved, it’s something to do with the tiny vessels. For that, I would suggest chatting with a holistic doctor.

  11. Annmarie Skin Care says

    Hi Sadia,

    It sounds like you’re working through a few different things. I would suggest seeing a holistic practitioner to help balance your skin out.

    In the meantime, giving your skin some extra love with the Coconut Honey Mask mixed with the Purifying Mud Mask could be helpful and feel really good! It will provide nourishment and detoxify your skin.

  12. Andre says

    Hi! I am Black male with skin damage from a fall and scrape. My skin is about 2 weeks into the healing process but there are several small patches of discoloration. Some are darker spots, but the more noticeable are extremely light(almost white) from the damage and doesn’t seem to be getting better. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated. I’d like to start repairing now while it’s still in the “healing” process.

  13. Martin Kilonzo says

    My body is full of wrinkles, black and white spots after I got burnt….. Please I need your help or the medicine I should buy to recover…

    • Annmarie Skin Care says

      Hi Martin,

      It sounds like you have quite a few things going on, I’m sorry about that. Have you seen an naturopathic doctor? Great skin care can be helpful but the spots you’re mentioning might benefit from being looked at by a professional.

  14. Rosie says

    Hi, I’m 32 years old and I’ve had acne since I was 12 years old and I had very oily skin until my second pregnancy around 23 years of age my skin changed from being oily to dry scaly skin mostly on my cheeks I was diagnosed with rosacea and acne by one dermatologist but treatment did not worked also I used a topical cream called Barmicil from mexico for about 2 years that actually worked but I stopped because everytime I did not used it my skin will get worse, now my skin is super damaged with scars, bumpy saggy and super dry with rosacea, acne, and I’m getting wrinkles, mostly all skin lotions and creams I’ve tried makes my face red and itchy. I don’t take any kind of medication just to let you know this is no side effects from anything that I’m taking and my skin is white complected so all imperfections are visible . Please if you can give me some advice and recommend what of your products should I be using to make my face look better and stop this dryness. Thank you

  15. Mawuli says

    Hi, my name is mawuli
    I have green veins from using harsh skin care product… They are hedious and embarrassing.. Do you have anything that can help repair my skin?

    • Annmarie Skin Care says

      Hi Mawuli,

      While great skin care could be really helpful, it might be best for you to see a naturalpathic doctor or an herbalist and work together to find a routine that will work best for you.

  16. Amy says

    Hello, I am in my twenties ,and I just recently got bitten by a dog a couple months ago. I had wounds on both of my legs on the outer thighs ,and although they are healed ,and I do have some scars that I have been trying to make disappear by using mederma and creams ,there are two things I was curious about ,for one ,I still have some bruising that I feel like is still slowly going away ,I was wondering if I should be concerned about still having bruising after this long? Also, where the wounds were ,my skin is now not as full ,its dented ,and I feel like it is noticeable and I was wondering if there was anything I can do about it?

    • Annmarie Skin Care says

      Hi Amy,

      So sorry to hear that that happened! We can’t comment on your bruises or dents – we recommend you visit a health practitioner you trust to give you advice on this issue. If you aren’t yet, we recommend applying aloe vera gel to your wounds to help them heal. You can buy a fresh aloe vera plant from the store, peel off the outer leaf and use the inside part to soothe your skin. Hope that helps!

  17. amila kumara says

    I am 24 years old boy. But i have some damege on my 3 to 4 year before i foll down. But one damage little bit black not too..please help me to remove problem for my mind..

  18. Bunny says

    Hello, I had issues with acne and uneven skin tone. Then i visited a dermatologist in london, who recommended glycolic acid peel and retinol. Rather than help my skin issue it only made my skin worst and even damaged it. Now my skin looks so dry always and burnt. Though it has healed a bit. But I don’t have that glowing skin anymore. Skin is dry with large poors. And seems in order to compliment the dried skin. My face produces a lot of oil. Making my skin look greasy.

  19. Kristen says

    I’m looking for something to help repair the damage I’ve done to my skin growing up getting sunburns. Not worried so much about cosmetically but would love to find something to repair/help prevent from a skin cancer perspective. Would also like something for kids in case they get a sunburn!

    Can any of your products help?

    • Annmarie Skin Care says

      Hi Kristen,

      We can’t give advice about skin cancer, but we can say that aloe helps heal the skin and zinc oxide is an amazing ingredient for protecting the skin from UVA and UVB rays.

  20. shravani says

    Hii I’m 16 years old.. My earlier years I was too beautiful but now I have lost my fair skin and lack of good health… Ive been stayed at hostel for 2 months that’s it after coming from there my condition is this and I’m still struggling with this problem. Please help to get back my fair complexion by eating..and to recover my depth skin too…thank u I think u will definetly help me..

  21. shradha rode says

    i m having some pigmentation spots on my nose and some slight spot on my chin. please help me to cure that spots

  22. feyisayo says

    Hi…here is my skin story… I live in Nigeria and I have been using skin lightening products for about 10yrs..I recently started noticing serious sunburn on my face.. I stopped using this products..but I need a skin remedy…I want my smooth even toned skin back. Thank u

  23. Skin allergic reaction says

    Hi I got a bad allergic reaction I’m 40 I used daily lemon honey mask for two weeks now my eyes got wrinkles under eyes skin start tight dry forehead got wrinkles too please help before face mark my skin was fine no wrinkles 🙁 help please

    • Andrea says

      This will be long but I am detailed. I am not a licensed anything but I have a lot of experience with my own problematic skin and a lot of personal research, studies and experimentation with my skin. I would say to please stop using the lemon/honey mask. Those are good ingredients but the reality is that lemon can be strong on the skin due to its natural acids and exfoliating properties.

      When skin is over exfoliated by either manual (scrubbing) or chemical (synthetic, processed or natural) means, it will become raw, burned and dry. It will even crack and one will notice what appears to be wrinkles, fine lines, and a “criss cross hatching” appearance on the face even if the person is young. You have to let your skin heal. This will take time, could be weeks-months. I have done it all and after years of torturing my skin I realized that the natural route is the absolute best.

      For now, do not exfoliate in any way. Rather than foaming face washes and any that contain acids, use a natural cream or milk (not milk as in dairy) cleanser. Do not rub your skin dry but unaware gently dab/pat it dry gently with a clean towel that is used only for the face. Afterwards, apply a fragrance free oil or salve on your face. Ensure that it does not contain alcohol, sulfates, perfumes, fragrances or any acids (like glycolic acid, AHAs, etc.). Something that uses a combo of olive oil, vitamin E oil, beeswax (yess!!!), Shea butter, coconut oil, etc. is very helpful but please assure yourself that you are not allergic before slathering it on your face. Test it first on somewhere like you wrist or whatever your doctor would recommend. Your face will need to be treated like a baby and will need to be nourished with good oils and salves. You might think this sounds crazy but if you use natural (like from the natural groceries even TJ MAXX if you are in the USA) salves for cuts (NOT neosporin and make sure they don’t contain cinnamon, pine essential oils, etc.) or the nipple cream for breastfeeding mothers you will really boost your skin. Rose hip oil will also help.

      Again, make sure you are not allergic to any ingredient before applying it on your face. After washing and gentle drying, gently glide (don’t rub) the oil or salve into your skin. Slather it on (once you know it’s ok for your skin) before you go to sleep and when you wake up, if there is a lot of greasy residue left, gently pat your face with tissue to blot the excess oil and leave it like that. You shouldn’t have to wash your face if you washed it before you went to bed and this way your face can recover. Over washing can be detrimental to your skin.

  24. nayan says

    sir, i am 29 years old, 2 month before i have fight with one people, he hit on the side of my eyes. and my under and upper eye side skin become black/dark. plz give me the suggestion how to become my upper and under eye skin white…

    • Annmarie Skin Care says

      Hi Nayan,

      It sounds like you have a black eye, this is caused from blood vessels that have been ruptured around your eye and the only thing you can really do is wait for it to heal and use really great skin care to help repair any damage that might be done to the skin. If you don’t have any open wounds around your eyes, Try out the Coconut Honey Mask and then the Anti-Aging Eye Cream to nourish and increase the structure of the skin around your eyes.

  25. James says

    I had zits all over my face from having stress and sleepless nights. I used kojie san dream white to wash my face. One day I used it so much 3x in a bath. I mean from the first application of soap upto the third i used it in so fully of amount. Then my pimples has been pricked then became dry. My face as well has become dry and there is a flaky something in it. And i feel like it’s stretching my face, what should i do? Does my face had acne scars from small zits that i cant see? Pls help me. And how much your product is?

  26. Gieno says

    What do you recommend for lichen planus I pretty much exercise and I try to eat right however a few months ago I was really stressed out my guess is brought on by that so I had a biopsy and I was told that it’s going away but I need something for my skin any advice.

    • Annmarie Skin Care says

      Hi there,

      Lichen planus is an auto-immune reaction that comes out on the surface of the skin so I would suggest working with a holistic practitioner. The best you can do for skin care is to treat your skin with products that are nourishing while you’re healing. The Coconut Honey Mask can be really helpful to aid in healing because it’s very hydrating and moisturizing for the skin 🙂

  27. Smokey says

    im a 23 year old African girl and and I have skin that has suffered a lot of damage for a long time. I have periods where my skin recovers and periods were my skin gives me a little trouble. Ive grown to realise that my skin is very prone to sun damage and as a result i have skin that makes me look tired all the time as if i have not been having enough sleep (esp. in the last few months) …its really annoying. I also have major discolouration issues on my face. My skin has a normal skin tone in my T-zone area but is darker on my cheeks and temple and about 5 months ago i noticed fine lines on my eyelids. Others cannot see them clearly ..yet, but they are very visible when I’m lookin through the mirror and under a certain light. Ive began using sunscreen religiously, but have been skeptical about experimenting with all these highly advertised anti-ageing and/or skin brightening products on the market and i feel like im still too young to try anti-ageing products that are probably made for mature skin anyway. Im still a little hopeful that my skin can recover well.

    Do u think your product might help repair my skin?


    • Annmarie Skin Care says

      Hi there,

      It’s certainly possible for your skin to heal with good care, especially because you’re starting so young! It does sound like you’re working some uneven skin tone. The Citrus Stem Cell Serum could be really helpful for you. We also think that working with an organic sun protection product is a great idea because you have found that you’re so sensitive to the sunshine. Good luck!

  28. Mimi says

    hi, am Mimi from Nigeria. I have been having this persistent itching allover my body before it used to be after shower but now it comes even without me taking a shower, Lately I had a rash breakout (at least it looks a little like a rash). my body itches so much and my skin has completely dried out, it has lost its shine and everything called glow, Please help me out. Thank you

  29. Kirika says

    I put on a Vitamin C serum that someone from a faceshop reommended that will slowly get rid of my acne scars and brighten up my skin. It worked well the first week but then one morning I woke up and my skin hurt so much, it looked like a burn (I’ve never wore a serum outside because I heard the sun’s rays could be harmful) My skin became very peely and hurt so much. I stopped using the serum and allowed my skin to heal on its own but then I noticed a HUGE dark spot all around my smile lines, chin, and mouth. It looks so hideious and even my mother continously calls my ugly. I wish I can send an image on how to looks. I think my skin is quite damaged from that vitamin-C serum. Please help? I can’t stand the ridicules anymore. How can I heal my skin?

  30. ajya singh says

    I am student of college. once I am doing experiment in chemistry lab. after a reaction I unfortunately touched my face with my hand which are in contact with dilute sulphuric acid. so I get burnt on that area on my cheeks close to nose, that looks dark black. have you any permanent treatment for me.
    plz suggest anything better.

    • Annmarie Skin Care says

      Hi Ajya,

      I’m so sorry to hear about your chemical burn! Unfortunately, we’re not able to recommend products for it because it is very serious. We would suggest seeing your doctor and asking for recommendations of an all natural routine.

  31. Ahamed says

    Hi im Ahamed. Im having skin issues in my face. Main one is im having small holes on my forehead wich there are tiny black spots inside those tiny holes.. I have tried my self to remove those from squeezing it. Then something comes out of it. But the hole still remains. And again after few days that hole is filled with some crap. Any solution for this?

  32. OJV says

    I have couple of questions. Firstly, how long will the Citrus Stem Cell Serum ( 15 ml) take to be delivered in the U.S? Second, I have a lot of discoloration, acne scarring and uneven skin tone on my back, upper arms and even parts of my stomach. My question is : Will the Citrus Stem Cell Serum minimize the scarring on these parts of the body over time and If it will help, how long will one Citrus Stem Cell Serum bottle last If I use it twice a day. Having said that, I will also be using Citrus Stem Cell Serum on my face mainly for lines and wrinkles. Could you recommend me on how many bottles I should order at once so, that I won’t have to wait for the shipment If I run of it. thanks a lot!

    • Annmarie Skin Care says


      Our standard for domestic shipping is up to 8 business days. While the Citrus Stem Cell Serum will probably help overtime if you’re using it for evening out the appearance of skin on your body, it will not last very long using it that way. There are just over 100 pumps of the Citrus Stem Cell Serum in each bottle. We suggest one pump per application for your face, but I’m not sure how many pumps it would take for your arms and your stomach. That would certainly take some trial and error. I would suggest purchasing a couple of bottles and seeing how much it will take for each application.

  33. abena says

    Hi am abena from Ghana I have a damaged skin from the use of harsh cream for my body now I can’t even look at myself in the mirror pls can you help me out.

    • Annmarie Skin Care says

      Hi Abena,

      Thanks for writing in. I wish we could help! Since we’re not sure what is going on with your skin and we’re not there to see it, it’s very difficult to offer advice about products. In general, we would suggest working with products that feed you skin and nourish it back to a healthy place and then using a product like the Citrus Stem Cell Serum to help reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone.

  34. Jane Nader says

    I had buccal fat removal plus Lipo to old fillers in my face.
    The result after almost 2 years was sagging skin with scars caused by the Lipo instrument.
    What shall I do ?

    • Annmarie Skin Care says


      I’m sorry that you’re working with this sagging skin. Unfortunately, we don’t have a good answer for you. We would suggest seeing your dermatologist for this.

  35. Nicole says

    I just conquered my struggle with dermatillomania- Skin Picking Disorder-
    but now the AFTERMATH.
    My story is that I went until age 30 with beautiful flawless skin rarely a zit or breakout. one here one there , never really scared,always healed easy. A awful bacterial disease and a mistep by the doctor to give me adderall for my severe adhd ( or those symptoms could be a side effect and/or cross over depression,bipolar,ocd??? never could get a correct diagnosis at the time) but i definately was suffering from mental health issues- severe depression since 18 on and off. So the bacterial infection I got – which gave me plenty of ammo to pick away at- plus a medication that enhanced/stimulated my brain to keep me focused- kept me focused alright….on how large my pores where, how that spot on my face shouldnt be there and ew theres a scab! And my nerves wouldnt let me LEAVE it alone to heal it and that way I would have nothing to pick.
    Well that is what started the hell for me. I started picking thinking I could trim down some scabs or erase a mark on my face with tweezers, when I could of been healed in a week because I had antibiotics and creams but no. That combination of meds plus the bacterial infection circumstance started a “habit” thats much more than a habit- its a full fledged disorder as I’ve wholeheartedly believed it as after reaching the web and finding many of us who suffer from the same thing.
    It started as me wanting to fix what was there, which was nothing at all most of the time, to doing it as a means of psychological addiction- a break in my mind. I would be in the bathroom for hours-picking at nothing….I would make something out of nothing…I would look for and welcome “something” for me to get my hands on. then the routine started…I would pick,ruin my skin, bleed and then came the tears. I cried myself to sleep just wishing I could “just stop” The pain of the shower water hitting my face after a fresh pick made me feel worthless. but I wouldnt let any wounds heal. I told myself my goal was not to have 1 open wound on my face….all of them closed at the same time. it was like I was subconsciously sabotaging myself as I would get so close and my nerves would drive out of my body telling me just to pick it…and many almost healed I would break and end up opening them. After years of suffering from depression, I finally took it seriously as “it being real” and not something I can just shake off or get over. I quit my job, moved out of my apartment and went to treatment-inpatient for a month and then stayed with my family while I did outpatient and recovery. I did those big moves and changes so i could fully focus on this monster that tainted my quality of life for so many years. While I was in treatment my face healed up and I never looked at a mirror. I was so happy. Almost within one month after treatment stops and Im back in the “REAL WORLD” of stress….it flared back up. So I knew it wasnt just going to be a quick fix…. mental health issues need time to care for. You cant just be plucked from society and then placed back in full blast- its a disaster waiting to happen. its unfortunate.
    Anyway, I worked and worked on myself. within the next few years I was able to achieve my goal! I had no open wounds, and I basically stopped my “habit” for good as I had nothing to pick and I was in a healthy mindset. But then I took a good look at my face- the battlefield- what the hell did I do to my gorgeous skin? From ages 30-34 I ripped it apart. Now I am left with indents and rolling scars on my cheeks and I would be lying if I said it wasnt psychologically damaging. Now that I am mentally great otherwise- my outside is now whats bringing me down. I dont have a social life as I once did Iam too embarrassed….. I’ve read all I can read online how to heal rolling scars. I bought all the tihings I am supposed to- vitamin c serums, CeraVe moisturizer s, all the Lancome’s and Olays and MSM creams to small beauty company’s products…I bought a dermaroller…(havent used it yet) considering going to get “it fixed” via skin doctor but I have no idea what im in for. The problem now is that i am stunted. I am so overwhelmed at all the things I am supposed to do or not do, products I am supposed to use and should i do it all at once? is there a rhyme to this reason? method to this madness? I would love ANYONES input on what would help these rolling scars naturally before I use my savings on fixing my skin… I already spent good money but I dont want to anymore unless I have some good advice. and I know already know there are not that many things you an do for rolling scars, I know fillers are temporary…but I am hopeful I can at least – at the very LEAST- improve my mistakes and lessen the reminders of my suffering past. Can anyone tell me where I should start? Or try?or what order to do them in? I am overwhelmed! I would be so appreciative, thank you for taking your time to read this 🙂

    Much love and respect,

    • Roy says

      While reading ur life or real life experience, i felt that i m the one who wrote the article, word by word. I had the same experience, step by step, same conditions, same age, same depression, same sickness, same illusions and therapies, same questions and same need for help or someone to enlighten my way, to give me the head of the healing path….
      Maybe be sharing our stories and experiences, is the first step for our mental and psychological disorder that led us to do wt we did to our skin or exterior look.
      But still hiding mirrors is one step, strong personality is the second and staying far from exterior stimulus is a third like chems…
      At the end if u have something or solution you can share, i ask u to text me an email.
      Best regards

  36. Prechino says

    It was five yrs ago, i had pimples and i used hydraulic and petrol on it, it gave me a dark burn i’av tried all i could to remove it, but all in no avail what do i do.

    • Annmarie Skin Care says

      Hi there,

      I’m sorry to hear about your dark burn. I would suggest working with the Citrus Stem Cell Serum for evening out the appearance of your skin tone and then finding a really simple and nourishing routine for everyday 🙂

  37. Abdifatah taagane says

    I was closing the door and accidently escaped from my hand and injured me from my face it was 4 years ago but my skin still is not repaired let me know if u have any solution about my problem ?
    Hope to hear from you soon

    • Annmarie Skin Care says

      Hi there,
      I’m sorry to hear about the skin damage that you’re working with. Our Citrus Stem Cell Serum could be really helpful.

  38. Abdi fatah taagane says

    hi i am 21 years old boy from somalia
    i was closing the door and a little piece of wood entered my face. my skin is damaged, From that time my skin still is not repaired, and it seems that every one can see it, can you help me pls
    hope to hear from you soonly and positively
    thank you

  39. Lorraine wood says

    Hi I have thinnin of the skin in my groin area from using dermovate steroid cream. How can I rectify this? Please

    • Annmarie Skin Care says

      Hi Lorraine,

      I’m sorry to hear about your experience with the steroid cream. We’re not sure how to rebuild the skin there other than taking great care of your skin with organic skin care and eat a really healthy diet. The Radiant Skin Silk could be helpful to take care of the skin but healing does take time.

      • Abdifatah Taagane says

        hi i am 21 years old boy
        i was closing the door and a little piece of wood entered my face. my skin is damaged, From that time my skin still is not repaired, and it seems that every one can see it, do you have any solution fro me

  40. gaurav says

    I use a fairness cream u-b fair , and after a week I m suffering from some skin problems , like sun irritation, face heatness. , & skin damageing of my face .. I my very upset because of these problems & now what can I d0 ?

  41. Melissa says

    I’m 33, and though my features look 33, my skin does not. I have fine lines, deep lines, big pores, acne scars, red blotches, aging skin due to years of anemia and smoking (which I no longer have or do anymore), and sagging of the skin. I look absolutely horrible and old. I was never taught how to care for skin growing up, and it shows. Please tell me your products will fix the damage, I don’t care HOW much it costs, I just need something that will work. I want to look my age or younger. I want smooth, beautiful skin. HELP!!!!

    • Annmarie Skin Care says

      Hi Melissa,

      Our products can certainly help! It sounds like the Citrus Stem Cell Serum would be wonderful for you 🙂

  42. muhd albaqir says

    Hi there 🙂
    I would like to know if i can buy the sample kit over and over again because is really expensive for me to buy for one product for like example, 1 serum or anything for one product is really expensive for me. I want to know if i could buy any if the sample kit over and over again??

  43. Fatri says

    I was closing the door and i little piece of wood entered my finger. From that time the finger still is not repaired. I used travocot and pills (i can’t remember). My finger was getting better but after few times it got worse again. When i move the finger and when i massage it the blood comes out. Do you know any medical treatment to solve this problem.

    • Annmarie Skin Care says

      Hi Fatri,

      I’m sorry, that sounds painful! We don’t have any advice for you about medical treatments for your finger. We would suggest seeing a doctor if it seems like the pain isn’t getting better.

  44. vani says

    I used veet on my face face having holes skin layers are damaged i used veet 5 years back how to get natural original skin plz advice me

    • Annmarie Skin Care says

      Hi there,

      I’m sorry to hear about that!
      We would suggest working with a really nourishing routine to help your skin regain it’s health. The Aloe-Herb Cleanser with the Citrus Stem Cell Serum and the Unscented Facial Oil as your daily routine could be very helpful for you.

  45. name*opeyemi says

    please help me i have bleaching cream burn on my face which make my life miserable and my skin is looking dull can ur product help me?

    • Annmarie Skin Care says

      Hi there,

      I recommend hyaluronic acid. Amazing and natural ingredient that helps skin retain water, an ability that decreases with age. We use it in both of our serums. 🙂

  46. Kai Hanz says

    Hi, Im 18 years old and my facial skin is damaged from years of surfing, Water Polo(chlorine), and other outdoor activities often without the use of sunscreen.
    I am irish and german and of quite fair skin, and my face has seen years of sun damage. My face is red all over and is significantly more red under my eyes. I would classify my skin in one word as “raw”. Its blotchy and discolored due to acne scarring and there are areas (i.e.) my chin ad jaw that feel very raw, sensitive, and are very red, and has a complete loss of elasticity.

    any recommendations or products I could use?
    I also have used epidou for along time whats the deal with that stuff?
    thanks, Kai

  47. Timiro says

    i started using products on my face and my face has gotten dark on some areas on my face. I also have old bruise under my eyes plus eye circle ruined my face. I have now find out that I can’t use any products contains perfume and I don’t know what to do with my face. I thought maybe I will whitening my face so my dark spots on face won’t show at all.

    Ps: I don’t know how to treat or what to do.

  48. MP says

    If you’re not gluten free already, that’s the first remedy I would try. Gluten causes chronic inflammation and affects a person’s weakness link which at this point in time for you, it’s the skin in the form of acne. For there You could see if you have any more food sensitivities causing inflammation. You may have leaky gut that is causing the inflammation. There’s a lot of info on the Internet. That speak to leaky gut and how to deal with it with nutrition.

  49. Marilyn says

    I have vitilago on hands an moving up my arms, some also on my face. Is thier anything i can use to repair skin?

  50. suresh says

    hi mam ,lemon juice using my face with stay in
    15 min. Face is washed ,after i go to the sun, my
    face is fully tanned, plse give me some solution
    or homeremdy mam, plse plse plse reply mam

  51. Shona says

    Ive been trying for ages to find something to help me with seeing what will help for my skin and i feel this page has helped me alot it told me that almost everyday my skin is getting damged by wind rain and the sun which now i feel ill be more careful also about the products ive always been careful with junk food but i never knew ur sleep and excersise had anything to do with damining ur skin but now i know and ill be taking up yoga running and also some natural beauty products by looking at ingridents This forum helped me alot and now im going to start taking care my body and health you problery saved me from being old and caky when im older thank you.

  52. saika says

    on my chin I have old spots the bumps have not gone away and on my cheeks and forehead I got like uneven tones or patchtes of dark brown on my skin

  53. dolly agarwal says

    i have used malas cream on the right cheek only on area equal to a finger tip, nose for aftera year i am worried that my skin is not healhy now.have you any product for permanent relief.ct-8004034508

  54. andy says

    Do u guys have a distributor in Ghana cos we here are dying of the hydrquinone syndrome….please help me and Us…..

  55. Helen Griffiths says

    I am 47 years old and have always looked young for my age. around Christmas time I used a homemade salt scrub on my face followed by a mud mask that I let dry completely. Salt residue was probably still on my face. I did this a few times over 3 weeks. My face was not red or irritated afterwards. I am worried as my facial and neck skin have gradually become saggy and extremely soft and seem to have a thickening under the dermal layer but dramatically thinned dermal layer. My skin also looks more lined. I also have a few little indentation pocket on my right cheek that weren’t there before. Do you have any products which will help?

  56. Steph says

    I recently starting suffering from breakouts right when I hit the age of 20. I resorted to acne face washes and when they didn’t work I turned to a wash with a high percent of benzoyl peroxide for severe acne and it damaged my skin. It resulted in dry tight skin, and the skin around my mouth is now patchy and bumpy, itchy, and irritated. Is this reversable? Can I get my soft smooth skin back? What do you recommend? Please and thank you!

  57. Mhay says

    my concern is about my face that has red patches and allergies caused by bleaching cream that i used i also have pimples,oily face and open pores what is the best remedy to do and which of your product will you recommend.a big help is much appreciated kindly respond

  58. pravin says

    iam very fair before using the garnier white complete…after using this product my skin become little black and i stopped using this product….but now my fairness not upto my old fairness…can yu plz help me to recover my old fairness

  59. CATHY says



  60. sila says

    hay actualy i waz using a herbal cream for my freckls frm 4 5 days .my sking was geting clean but yestrday i applied bleach on my face tat burnt my face specly cheeks its a dark patch its hurting me by itching plz tell me wat shud i use now

    • admin says

      Hi Sila,

      That sounds really painful! You should go see a dermatologist. We recommend never putting bleach on your face. Some naturally soothing ingredients like aloe vera and coconut oil should help you until you’re able to see a doctor about it. Hope you feel better!!

  61. Daniël says

    Dear Admin. I’m a boy from the netherlands. I’m fourteen years old and I’m in puberty now, I have acne on my face and Some dark and red spots. My question is: Are my dark and red spots and acne going to dissapear when I’m done with puberty? Thank you! PS: Sorry for my bad english.

  62. Hafsa says

    I’m 17 years old and I’m already getting damaged skin. I’ve been putting on this cream that I got from beauty shops.i wasn’t aware that it was a lightening cream and apparently it has steroids. I’ve been using this for awhile but now I’m scared of the the long term damage. Can this be helped?

  63. Miranda says

    Hi please help me im 27 years Old i have a sensitive skin, i have pigmentation,scars from acne, uneven skin tone,Open pores excessive oil akin and i hare My skin i always wear make up just to hide It and on My thighs and legs i have black spot

  64. Hanna bitew says

    Am writing you from Ethiopia, Africa.I hope u have shipping to Ethiopia. I was diagnosed with SLE before 6years, i am 26 now and it has very much affected my has been and still is so hard.I have bruises everywhere and my skin is very rough and lost its elasticity. So what do you suggest I should do.
    Thank you for ur support

    • admin says

      Hi Hanna! I can’t give you medical advice on your skin condition, but I encourage you to do some research on natural ingredients that can help with the issues you described. If you do decide that our skin care might help your skin, we ship to Ethiopia, and anywhere really except Antarctica. 🙂

  65. pallavi bhave says

    due to keeping mobile in front pocket of d coat ,my chin and d upper area of jaw turned black and the skin looking pachy. what to do ?

  66. Stephen says

    Hello? I’m in lagos Nigeria, I’m happy you ship internationally, which of your products can I use for thinning skin? I am 30years old and my veins have become very visible from skin bleaching, I really want to plump up my skin , so that my veins become less visible. Which product is best for me?

  67. Dainty says

    Hi…Im 18 years old a few years ago I was suffering from acne so I tried out different products,I recently stopped and now my skin is damaged.. I suffer from inflammation……what can I do to repair it

    • admin says

      Using products with an aloe base will help heal and soothe your skin. I recommend you use our Citrus Mint Cleanser, which gently removes dirt and oil and has an aloe juice base. Our serum also have aloe bases. If you are still breakout prone, you can use our Anti-Aging Serum, which calms the skin to reduce flare ups, while also moisturizing and preventing premature aging. The Citrus Stem Cell Serum is a great product for healing acne scares and other hyperpigmentation, but it can cause breakouts for some people (it has some jojoba oil in it, which is fairly rich).

      You should also avoid foods that promote inflammation. Try to avoid excess chocolate and sugar, dairy, and processed foods. Eating healthfully will help promote cell turnover, which will speed up the damage healing process. Lucky for you, when you are young, your skin has a high turnover rate, so you will see a lot of improvement in your skin over time. 🙂

    • admin says

      You should definitely be wearing sun screen everyday to avoid scarring. Also using aloe-based products (like our two serums- The Citrus Stem Cell Serum and the Anti-Aging Serum) will help your skin heal.

  68. isabella says

    Hello, I have stretch marks all over my body and scars, and spots, I have tried everything in d market and ,am in nigeria, do u guys have a branch in portharcourt, or any other state.thanks

    • admin says

      Hi Isabella! Unfortunately we don’t yet have a distributor in Nigeria. Hopefully soon, though! We do ship internationally.

  69. Hasnain says

    My skin of leg (from knee to ankle) was burnt with boiling oil. now it is recovered but the skin is now all dark brown. and it aches when i stand, and it is all dried when dont massage it with petroleum jelly or olive oil. What treatment do you suggest i am very upset about it.

  70. rukky says

    There is a bump on my face, whenever I try to treat it d bacteria of that bump spread to another place within that bump, nw there are three bumps on my face, what shd I do?

  71. jane says

    Hello I have a lot of scars in my body, I have big and small scars and I’ve been suffering since when I was a kid. Do u have any recommendation which product are good for this? Thank u.

    • admin says

      Hi Bikash! What you want to do is nourish your skin to promote healing and cell turnover. A few things: make sure you wear sun protection! Sun will make your scars darker and more noticeable. Keep your skin protected with a product like Sun Love or another natural sun protection product. Products with Vitamin E and aloe are helpful for healing scars. Both of our serums are great for that! I highly recommend the Citrus Stem Cell Serum, which has Vitamin C, which stimulates collagen product. It has an aloe base, which is wonderfully healing and soothing. This serum is designed to help heal scars and brighten the complexion. So many customers tell us that it works wonderfully for them, so hopefully it could benefit you as well!

      I hope one of these suggestions will be helpful to you!

  72. Chhivhung says

    I would like to try your product. I have mild redness on my cheek. But since I’m in Cambodia, it is not easy for me to purchase

  73. Patricia says


    I have been suffering with melasma for over 5 years. I have
    been trying every product in the market that says it will get rid
    of melamsa and it hasnt I also have tried laser which I believe
    made my melasma even worse. Is there anything I can use to
    help combat this.


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