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We posted my interview with Carol Tuttle, an energy healer who has made it her life's work to help women discover and express their unique energy type.

The video showed us chatting about my energy type — a Type 3: Fire with a strong Type 2 secondary — and how some of my beauty insecurities are actually an expression of it. Honestly, talking these things through with Carol helped me come to change my perspective on some parts of myself that I don’t love.

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This is part of what Carol does — helping people discover their energy type so they can better understand themselves. The other part of the equation is that she also helps you learn how to express your type through your personal style.

That's the part we're talking about today. 🙂

Many of us have had the experience of being in the salon chair with our stomach churning, wondering what kind of haircut we should ask for and praying for something other than a disaster. Or the experience of being in the dressing room trying on outfit after outfit, and not feeling beautiful in any of them.

What Carol does is help you skip some of this anguish by learning what colors, cuts, and accessories work best for your energy type.

Determining your energy type is free.

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Now we’re posting what happened next…

My Transformation

Using what Carol learned about me through my energy profile, her team gave me a haircut, did my makeup, and styled me in new clothes.

Here’s where I want to say how amazing her team was to work with. I came in with some pretty specific requirements. I felt strongly that I wanted the clothing to be made from organic cotton by a conscious company. Every time we buy something new, there are resources that go into creating it — the materials to make it, the energy to power the facility where it happens, and fossil fuels to transport it. Not to mention that many fabrics may be bleached or otherwise treated with chemicals.

Click Here to Learn About Giving Your Closet an Eco Makeover

So I was very grateful for the amazing clothing they found for me, all organic cotton and beautiful!

For my makeup, they created a beautiful look using the natural brands I love. And the hair, well the hair is my favorite part. 🙂

What I’m Wearing

My dress is from Synergy, jewelry by Mata Traders, and those amazing shoes? They’re Toms. 🙂

Want to Find Out Your Energy Type?

Carol’s Energy Profiling course is free and will help you better understand what makes you who you are.

Click Here to Start Carol's Free Energy Profiling Course

Know you already want to learn how to Dress Your Truth? Carol has given me a special $99 offer for her Dressing Your Truth Course. This is the course that taught me specifically how to dress true to my Type 3 nature.

Click Here to Sign up for Carol's $99 Dressing Your Truth Course

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  1. Ramona says

    I found the energy type videos very interesting. I have been learning about Human Design and there is a great similarity to the definitions of these energies of personality. It would be interesting to get the Human Design profiles of each of these people to see their Human Design, and to see if their energy types are similar in their designs and profiles.

  2. Pascale says

    Hello Ann Marie,

    I love your transformation. You’re beautiful. I’m also a DYT member and I love dressing my truth. In your post, you gave the links to your clothes, jewellery and shoes. What are the makeup brands that you love and that the team of Dressing your Truth used on you?

    Looking forward to your answer.
    Thank you.

    • Annmarie Skin Care says

      Hi! Annmarie had them use makeup from her personal makeup bag for her makeover (always a purest!)

      Annmarie foundation -olive tone
      Dr Hauschka brow, eye liner, and blush
      Burts Bees Lip shimmer in plum
      Jane Iredale eye shadow

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