Entertaining Rut? Here are 6 Fresh Ideas for Your Next Party


It’s the end of the summer. We’re saying goodbye to the warmest days and starting to get excited for the changing leaves and warm apple cider but before we let go of our full days of sun and sand, we want to reminisce about our favorite moments.

We loved the Fourth of July parties, days at the beach, and sitting in the park with friends and as we find ourselves noticing the darker days and the chill floating on the wind, we realized that we’ve been wondering what your favorite summertime moments with friends were.

So we asked.

We sent an email (you can sign up for our list at the bottom of this page) to our whole community asking what your favorite way to entertain was this summer. We were absolutely floored by the beautiful responses we received.

We chose 6 of our favorite responses and are really excited to share them with you! Maybe you can use a suggestion or two for the final days of summer, take an idea and make it work for these cooler days ahead, or save your favorite for the next time the Earth reaches this side of the sun.

Jennifer from Maine

Keep it simple and fresh—with garden fresh veggies and herbs. Do potlucks to enjoy getting together with friends more often, rather than formal gatherings that are more work. Use silly things as excuses to gather—like s'mores on the fire, outdoor movie night, or a croquet/badminton tournament.

Gail from Oregon

Favorite summer days at home are full of having friends and family (older, younger and all in between) over for pool time; giant Jenga on the sports court; many games of horse, pig or just shooting baskets; lots of fresh fruit and veggies, hummus; fruit juices and flavored waters—maybe some craft beers or good wine; taco bar (chicken/fish/vegetarian/vegan) for dinner outdoors and later a fire in the pit with marshmallows (even homemade vegan ones) lots of laughing/talking. These are the best days!

Amy from Illinois

I just recently hosted a party in a poolside cabana and invited all my closest friends! The key to a great party was having plenty of drinks (and making sure no drink was ever empty), great music, a beautiful sunshiny day, playing bags (or cornhole), and no agenda. Just have a great time! It was definitely a party success!!

Jeanne from Wisconsin

A weekly gathering of five women at each other's sacred adobes. We share backyard produce, sweet peaches, and yummy treats along with mingling of each other's dogs and all the while teaching-learning-practicing sign language as well as songs to sign to! We find ourselves laughing away with innocence.

Georgia from Illinois

I took a float trip on a small river in Missouri with friends. We rode gently on rafts, drank refreshing drinks from our cooler, laughed, and dunked in when we were too hot. I used my Annmarie Skin Care sun block and did not get sunburned after 5 hours on the river. It was great outdoor decompression time.

Olivia from Virginia

Being located away from our extended families, my husband, son, and I work on keeping our pack strong and bonded. My husband travels often for work so our time together is precious and the summer is our favorite for getting out to experience the majesty of beach life.

Last night we celebrated my birthday and it was a perfect example of how we chose to spend our time and energy when the moment really matters. We ate a delicious local seafood dinner on an oceanfront patio, each of us sharing bites from our plates trying to determine who had the best meal. It was a three way tie!

As the sun set, the cool sea breeze carried with it the sounds of a band tuning up for their evening performance. We took a short walk along the beach to a favorite playground anchored in the sand. The mellow music mixed with the joyful noise of our son playing and laughing was almost hypnotic.

My belly was full of good food, my head rested on the shoulder of my best friend, and our child was running, jumping, and smiling in the safety of our nest that we cultivated. That was a perfect night of connection, strengthening our ties, and truly loving the moment we were in to the fullest.

What was your favorite summertime entertainment memory? Let us know in the comments below!

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