7 Quick Tips to Get Organized this Fall


Messy spaces lead to confusion, and confusion breeds other bad emotions. Don't believe it? When have you ever felt awesome after spending an hour looking for your keys?

Focusing on keeping your home organized can help you feel in control and on top of things. We're not here pretending that every crevice and cabinet in our house is Pinterest worthy. Certainly not! So we're in this journey together.

Here are some tips for a harmoniously organized home:

1. Make a cleaning schedule

Organized Home

For some, the word schedule just makes things sound boring and obligatory. On the flip side, though, knowing which tasks to tackle when will clear the clutter in your head, that inner monologue that argues with itself over what to clean first, or maybe I’ll just make some salsa because the tomatoes are going bad but also I should do a moisturizing face mask tonight I guess I can do it while I make the salsa but how long will it take me to make the salsa I really do need to get some laundry done tonight.

That’s how your head sounds, too, right?

Allot an hour or so per day to clean and divide up the tasks between the days. You can go room by room, do floors one day and counter tops another, or however makes the most sense for you. Classy Clutter offers a sample schedule as well as a blank template you can print out and fill out yourself!


2. Use pillow cases to store matching sheet sets

marthastewart.com via buzzfeed.com
marthastewart.com via buzzfeed.com

This way you don’t have to go digging around for a sheet, fitted sheet, and pillow case. They will all be in one place and also stack quite nicely.


3. Organize your scarves, belts, and ties


In this photo, PVC pipe has been cut to size and arranged in a drawer. This system allows you to roll up and nicely display these neck-cessaries.

Keeping these items tidy and visible will not only de-clutter your room, but also encourage you to wear them more (because you’ll actually see them and they won’t be wrinkled). Another option is to tie your light scarves onto hangers and store them in your closet.

4. Use a lazy susan to organize your refrigerator

fatimahshamsuri.blogspot.com via lifebuzz.com

A messy fridge leads to spoiled, wasted food. Food that you can't readily see tends to escape under our radar. You can use a lazy susan to organize jelly, hummus, condiments so you can find and remove them without having to ruffle around. This can also work great for the cleaning products under your sink or your oils and vinegars in the cabinet.


5. Beautifully display and store your jewelry in a vintage tea set


If standard jewelry organizers are just not adorable enough for you, keep earrings, necklaces, bracelets and the like in pretty tea cups.


6. Fasten a rod across a cabinet to store spray bottles


Why is the area generally devoted to cleaning products typically kept in such disarray? In even the most organized home, the cabinet below the kitchen sink, which often houses our germ-killing potions, looks like a tornado struck. We can change that by storing our spray bottles nicely above the rest of the cleaning products, freeing up the space below. In this photo, baskets are used to store remaining items below.


7. Add wire racks in cabinets for extra shelving


Is there anything more infuriating than wasted cabinet space? Definitely. But rather than precariously stacking jars or making a tower of plates, add shelving space with wire racks. They come in dozens of sizes and shapes to fit into your space. Also consider a divider to “file” away baking sheets, cutting boards, and muffin tins.

You could also take the plunge and install a shelf, but this is a great solution for renters, lazy people, or the carpentry-challenged. Browse some from organizeit.com

The more effort you put into keeping your belongings organized, the less time you'll spend annoyed and inconvenienced. It's truly worth the time to harmonize your home.

When possible and practical, look to buy items second hand, or repurpose what you already have! There's usually no reason that an item meant to hold other items needs to be shiny and new.

What are your tips for creating organized spaces? Comment below!

by Hope Freije

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  1. Valeria says

    Here is a good use for the roll when the toilet paper is gone. I wrap my electrical cords (of appliances) such as hair dryer, curling iron,etc in them so they take up less space. in my cupboards.

  2. Wendy says

    Oh my gosh..why didn’t I think of that?! Lol! Love the Lazy Susan for the fridge.. My husband has a hard time reaching things in the bottom shelves because he’s so tall,so they usually get ignored and I end up throwing stuff away 🙁 These are great ideas! It’s true too..my cabinet with cleaning supplies is not something I’d want anyone looking into hahaha! Thanks for this article 🙂

    • admin says

      Thanks, Wendy. 🙂 I feel the same way about the lazy susan! It’s so silly, but so many things in the fridge get wasted when you can’t see them.

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