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If it isn't obvious by now, we're health nuts over here. We have a Vitamix in the office and we love a good smoothie for a midday pick me up. Because we're a group of innovators, we're always looking for new recipes—as much as we love acai, when your COO brings (literally) a whole freezer full of smoothie mix back from Hawaii, it's easy to feel a little stuck and stir crazy (pun intended).

So we reached out via email to our entire community (Which you can sign up to be apart of at the bottom of this page) and asked you to share your favorite smoothie recipes. We always offer a gift when we ask these questions and this time we gave away our Skin Detox Guide and offered to share the recipe with all of our readers! We got some really awesome recipes but this one was our absolute favorite because it sounds too good to be true. It comes from Shaazia and we're thrilled to share it with you.

Here's what she says:

My favorite go-to smoothie is nutrition packed, it is extremely satisfying and filling.

Creamy Coconut, Maca and Date Delight

1tbsp Coconut oil
1tbsp coconut sugar
1tbsp Flax flour
1tbsp Maca
Half cup of coconut milk
Half cup ice water
6 pitted Dates(soaked overnight)
1tbsp of nut butter
1 banana

Blend it together and enjoy.

Have anything to add or a favorite recipe of your own? Let us know in the comments below!

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