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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But what does your breakfast ritual look like? Did you sit and savor your meal with a cup of hot tea while reading the latest news or chatting with your loved ones? Or did you grab a burnt piece of toast and run out the door?

We’re not going to lie, we’ve rushed our breakfast routine more than we’d like to admit. And we’re sure you’ve had them too. That’s why today we are so excited to share our newest WeHeart with you!

Meet SmoothieBox.

Your new breakfast routine is here.

So what is it exactly? SmoothieBox is a smoothie subscription box. After you sign up, every month you’ll receive 20 smoothie bags in each shipment. The bags bundle all the organic fruits and veggies together, so making your morning smoothie is incredibly easy.

Not to mention, each smoothie comes with 20g of healthy collagen protein, making these smoothies the deeply nourishing treat you need to start your day.

Morning nourishment couldn’t get any easier

When was the last time you had a breakfast this healthy in 60 seconds flat? You won’t have to clean, peel or dice a thing. All you have to do is open the bag and pour it into your blender. Just add juice, coconut water, plant mylk, or any other liquid you like. Blend, and voilà!

SmoothieBox saves time, simplifies your morning, increases your veggie intake and it nourishes your skin from within. (Which you know we love!)

good smoothies, better ingredients

Most importantly: no artificial ingredients. No lie. Now we love convenience, but more than that we love good ingredients. And so does SmoothieBox.

There are no additives or sugar. The ingredients are 100% gluten-free. All ingredients are thoughtfully sourced. In fact, SmoothieBox is brought to you by the ButcherBox team. ButcherBox created the grass-fed meat subscription service that has turned our kitchen by storm.

Why Collagen?

Grass-fed collagen is the secret superpower in each of their blends. But why is a daily dose of collagen so important? It helps to:

  • Enhance skin, hair, and nails
  • Maintain bone and joint strength
  • Support a healthy gut


How it works


Each box comes with 20 ready-to-blend frozen smoothies and you can choose from 3 delicious flavors: cacao, green, or clementine.


Enjoy free delivery directly to your doorstep. How's that for easy?


Add 8 oz of your favorite liquid, blend for 60 seconds, and enjoy. It’s perfect for busy mornings and our on the go lifestyles.

Try it!

Having SmoothieBox in our office has made our mornings brighter. We've been seriously obsessed—by 9 am, at least half of us have a smoothie on our desk. But we can't keep it all to ourselves!

We want to share SmoothieBox with you. If you order here, SmoothieBox is offering $15 off every box for life if you sign up today. Don't miss it!

ORDER HERE AND GET $15 off every box!

Have you tried SmoothieBox? Share your experience in the comments below!

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