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Ojai Energetics CBD

Our favorite part of We Heart-ing companies is, of course, getting samples sent to the office. Ojai Energetics CBD was certainly no exception. We've spent the past few weeks cooking our veggies in tasty CBD coconut oil and mixing their CBD elixir it in our coffee to quell the morning jitters.

Our team is officially obsessed with Ojai Energetics, and we think you will be too.

Meet Ojai Energetics

Ojai Energetics makes fast acting, water-soluble, organic CBD products. The company ‘s story begins in 2014, when founder Will Kleidon was searching for a CBD rich hemp oil for a personal need. He couldn’t find one that was made without synthetic fillers, had 3rd party batch testing results, and used organic ingredients. (Side note- we can't help but to notice parallels between this story and the Annmarie Skin Care company story!)

He wanted to create something that he would feel good taking, and feel comfortable giving to friends and loved ones. Will wanted to make the most effective and clean CBD rich hemp products possible, in manner that was in alignment with his values around sustainability and love for the planet.

Thus, Ojai Energetics was born!

Why They're Different: Ethics in Mind

We love Ojai Energetics for a lot of reasons, but a big one is because they only support regenerative farming and fair trade practices that use certified organic methods, or beyond organic methods like bio-dynamic or permaculture systems. For every ingredient! Their products are completely devoid of any synthetic or synthetically modified compounds.

And it goes beyond the product, to their packaging too. They use veggie inks and eco-friendly labels printed in the US.  They're also working on an exciting new project, collaborating with national labs and clean energy technology, to utilize the ‘left over' parts of the hemp.

Health benefits

Why do we like taking CBD, you may ask? According to Ojai Energetics, “a dietary intake of hemp is necessary to have a healthy endocannabinoid system; the endocannabinoid system maintains balance and function for all the systems in the body.”

CBD has no shortage of health benefits, including neurogenesis of the brain. You can read all about the benefits of CBD in this article, but here are a few notable ones.


Highly concentrated doses of CBD oil have been successfully used to treat epilepsy in a number of research studies.


CBD hemp oil is well known to reduce feelings of stress, as well as prevent depressive episodes by increasing the levels of “positive” hormones and neurotransmitters in the body.


One of the few side effects of CBD oil can be tiredness, but for many, it’s what they seek out in the natural herb. CBD is your new best friend if you're looking for a restful night's sleep

Our Favorite Products

ojai energeticsFull Spectrum Hemp Elixir

Meet the only full spectrum hemp oil thats water soluble and made without synthetics or synthetically modified compounds. Most feel the effects in under 30 seconds, and you would have to take 5000mg of a regular CBD rich hemp oil to get effects of our 250mg. Its also loaded with some of natures most powerful super foods like moringa, and acerola cherry.

CBD Coconut Oil

Bio-Dynamically grown raw, virgin, and cold expeller pressed, this creamy taste of the tropics is great for smoothies, spreads, and enhancing your favorite recipes.

Try it!

Seriously you guys, you're gonna want to try this. Go to Ojai Energetics' website and use code trycbd15 at checkout for 15% off your order. You can thank us later 😉

Use code trycbd15 for 15% off your order! 

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  1. Jackie says

    Do you know what the individual dose of CBD is? I see that there are 250mg in a bottle, but what is the per dose strength? Thanks

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