What Do Sensitive Skin and Your Favorite Jeans Have in Common? (Hint: It’s This Month’s WeHeart)


Sometimes our meetings take a weird turn. One day we went around the our meeting circle and shared our favorite household chore. Maybe it went there because we treat our office like our home, or maybe there was a conversation chores happening before the meeting started—who knows. But it turns out that most of us had a different favorite thing to do around the house.

My favorite chore is laundry and recently I made a gravitational irrigation system for my garden to use to the grey water from my mini top-fill washer (I love that thing). The main concern that I run into—even though I read labels AND use soil to filter the water—is that I don’t know if the detergent I use is safe to water the garden with. I have tried the “make my own” route but the convenience of the store bought is too enticing for my busy schedule.

Like you, I try my best to choose eco-friendly brands and companies that I know use the best, most sustainable practices. Even at the minute amounts I use and the low likelihood that it would make a huge difference for the plants, I still worry about chemicals that aren’t on the label.

So what’s the solution? MyGreenFills. (We heart their unscented line!)

My Green Fills

This is the laundry company of my (and maybe your) dreams!

Ruth Smith started making safe detergent after her kiddos’ sensitive skin couldn’t take the typical detergent, regardless of how ‘green.’ She worked to perfect her craft for almost 30 years—going greener and greener, finding the perfect scent, and staying totally open about her ingredients—when, in 2012, Stephen Ezell found her. He saw Ruth’s dream of clean laundry for sensitive skin and raised her the potential for reducing the plastic laundry waste all over the world—MyGreenFills was born.

Together they are on a mission to create the best detergent using the cleanest, most natural ingredients in their soap, reduce plastics from landfill laundry jugs, and be accessible both monetarily and physically to everyone that wants to join the laundry revolution.

How Does it Work?

So this is kind of a laundry soap CSA box.

They have a few different bundles to choose from that you can start with—from a full laundry set up (wash, rinse, stain remover, and a stain stick) to a simple wash and rinse.

Next you choose whether you would like a scent or not—we prefer the unscented version.

Then you complete your checkout and you’ll never have to rush to the store to pick up laundry detergent again. They ship it right to your door every month.

You can customize exactly what you want each month—you can even change the frequency or skip orders if you need to! The shipping is always free so you don’t have to worry about those extra costs.

And the best part?

They ship you one jug.


And it’s with your first order. For all of your future orders, they only ship refills, saving on the weight of your package and the plastic usage that makes the laundry industry so bad for the environment.

Further, the jug is totally recyclable—but if you choose to discontinue the service, they’ll want their jug back so it doesn’t go to waste (and if you return it in the first 30 days they’ll refund you completely so there’s no real downside to giving them a try).

The Ingredients

Okay that all sounds perfect, but I know you’re asking… “so do you feel comfortable using this knowing it’s moving through your garden irrigation system?” (okay, maybe you’re not, but I need to know!)

The answer is… YES!

Here are the ingredients in their unscented detergent: Sodium Citrate, Tetrasodium Salt, Sodium Carbonate, Polyacrylic Acid Sodium Salt, Plant-Based Surfactants [Sodium Cocoate]

While I wouldn’t want to pour the soap directly onto my plants (and why would anyone do that anyways), using what’s left over in the grey water (which is never very much) that’s running through the soil filter is okay. I wouldn’t say it beats making my own with just borax and baking soda but it’s actually pretty close, plus it’s more effective and much more timely than my own homemade stuff.

Not Sold Yet?

When MyGreenFills came on our radar we were thrilled to share them with you (clearly I’m the most excited), but we also love to do that little bit extra for you.

So for a limited time, MyGreenFills is offering our community an awesome deal on the perfect laundry kit for you. You can get up to 25% off your first order of this incredible laundry detergent.

You don’t need over sensitive skin to use it, just an appreciation for clean clothes, sustainability, and efficiency knocking at your door.

Click here for up to 25% off your first order!

Have you tried this brand? Tell us how much you love it below!

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