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Obviously, we’re fans of natural beauty over here. And a huge part of natural beauty is feeling beautiful on from the inside-out. In the rush and hustle of modern life, so many of us have gotten away from our inherent connection with nature and with ourselves, which leaves us frazzled and out of touch with our intuition.

That’s where Manifest Box creator Mallory Leone decided to step in – to make step-by-step ritual kits to re-connect you with your intuition and highest self. No guesswork, no confusion – just simple steps to living life in love with yourself and in total flow.

meet Manifest Box

Mallory first had the idea for compete rituals in a box in 2016 after working for several years as a holistic nutritionist.

Over the years, she coached many women in nutrition protocols and lifestyle changes to help deal with everything from autoimmune disease to chronic digestive issues to fatigue. After a while, it occurred to her that there was a whole layer of healing that she was missing with her clients.

mind body connection

Your thoughts influence your physical health. And your thoughts are heavily influenced by your surroundings, your habits, and your attitude toward life.

Which is why you can eat everything a nutritionist or doctor tells you to eat, take dozens of supplements and still not feel better if your soul isn’t happy.

That’s when she took her studies elsewhere, studying neuroscience, energy healing, meditation, and other more magical healing modalities. The more she studied, the more she realized it was her daily practice, her growing connection with the moon cycles and nature that were helping to heal her own trauma and guide her everyday energy.

That’s when Manifest Box was born – Mallory wanted a simple toolkit with step-by-step instructions and educational resources so people wouldn’t feel intimidated to try this stuff out.

manifest box

How Manifest Box works

Ritual is pretty simple, really. It’s all about taking some to cleanse and clear your space energetically with something like sage or palo santo, set an intention, then release that intention into the world.

Each Manifest Box comes with a theme:

•      Love
•      Prosperity
•      Radiance (Self-Love)
•      More to come!

Then you get all the tools to support that specific manifestation:

•      Ritual candles + candle holders
•      10 ml. handmade magic Prosperity Oil ($28 value)
•      Smudge tools to cleanse and energize your space
•      Hand-picked and charged crystals
•      Detailed spell instructions
•      Prosperity Ritual Bath Herbs
•      Links to recorded meditations, mantras, or invocations

manifest box

why they're different: education and connection

In the Wise Woman Tradition of healing, we’re all healers. We use our connection with ourselves and our intuition, along with nature and – yes – the help of trained practitioners to heal on every level, not just the physical level.

Manifest Box turns you into a magical practitioner by providing the tools you need to get in touch with yourself so you can start to heal on an emotional and spiritual level.

The site also includes super basic, easy-to-understand educational resources, from the meaning of different healing crystals to herbal baths you can make at home.

For the crew at Manifest Box, the key to physical and emotional health is falling in love with yourself and replacing the daily grind with a little more self-compassion.

Ritual can help. And when you begin to listen to yourself, magic is made.

Better ingredients

Manifest Box doesn’t throw just any oils or mists into your ritual kit.

The more Mallory searched for the tools she wanted to include – ritual candles, organic, cold-pressed anointing oils, sage, and organic herbal bath ingredients – the more she realized she’d have to make these kits herself.

Many mystical stores are chock full of sprays, oils, and bath bombs with themes like “money,” “love,” and “beauty,” but they’re filled with caustic ingredients and artificial dyes. And most products don’t even come with directions, let alone the meanings behind the objects, leaving a lot of beginners in the dark about what they’re even supposed to do with the sage and candles.

manifest box

manifest box in action

Naturally, we couldn't recommend this product without trying it out ourselves first. Our Email Operations Coordinator, Christina Robinson, made her own magic with the Prosperity Box—here's her experience.

Christina's experience with the Prosperity Box

Drawing a warm bath the night of the Virgo New Moon, I smudged my bathroom with the provided bundle of sage. Weaving the smoke around the room, before and behind me, I imagined negative energy leaving the space. I lit and anointed three candles, green, gold and white, and laid citrine, aventurine and tiger’s eye next to them. Placed in a triangle with the white candle at the apex, the candles formed a little illuminated altar. I laid my intention in the center, and placed four drops of prosperity oil on it—each on a corner of the paper.

Soaking in a bath steeped with herbs (a luxury in its own right) I contemplated my goal—after all, as the instructions say, if you don’t make a strong intention, the universe won’t know how to help you. Thoughts of retirement, home ownership, and a Roth-IRA crossed my mind. Writing down one’s financial goals on paper may seem paltry, but it’s quite centering. Contemplating them as the three candles burned down gave me space to be honest with myself, free of the pressures of society.

try it!

We’re loving this at-home approach to connecting with your intuition and manifesting your dreams. If a Manifest Box ritual sounds fun to you, visit their website and pick your potion! Use code WEHEART15 at checkout for 15% off your order. We can’t wait to hear what you think of the experience!


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